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Combatting the Defamation Circus

Repression of Belief: Why States Hate Religious Resistance

The European Union Is a Foreign Occupier

The Black Racial Mental Disorder on Full Display

Ukrainians Are Getting the German Treatment

That Never-Ending Feeling

White People Are Emotionally Repressed People

Socialism Is Theft

Debunking, Pre-Bunking, Backlashing, and Pre-Lashing

China's Unrestricted Warfare

Africa Is Getting New Masters

Do Elites Have a Taste for Human Organs?

Has Disney Finally Angered White Women?

No, "Europeans and Their Diseases" Didn't Kill the Native Americans

Black Fragility: The Incurable Problem

Did 1999's The Matrix Predict the Present?

Teutonic Fury

Beware of the Half-White Menace

Chinese-Style Censorship Will Stunt Humanity

Hail Your Ethnicity, Because You're Not a Passport

Our Resolve Has Never Been So Great

Karma for Colonialism?

France on Fire: Racist Migrants on a Rampage

Games States Play

Let's Be Loud (Instrumental Edit)

Only Black Lives Matter

Going Green: The West's Fatal Miscalculation?

Why Aren't We Colonizing the Arctic?

Achieving Personal Success by Making Harder Choices

The Lay of Thrym [ep. #42]

European Men Will Kill the Devouring Mother in the Coming Age of Thor

Why Black People Don't Want to Hear the Truth about Slavery

Why Western Media Hate the People

Did Aliens Probe Tucker Carlson?

De-Toxing from Jewish Lore

Low-Cholesterol Vegan Diets and the Decline of the West [ep. #41]

"Van Life" or White Flight

The Western Failure to Make Africans Love the West

Why the People Can't Win

What to Make of the Pro-Israel Conservatives?

Conspiracy Theory: Was Henry Kissinger Born Female?

Why "Censorship Intellectuals" Serve the Status Quo

Whistleblower: I Have Evidence the USA Bombed #Nordstream

Is the Trans Movement the Devil's Doing?

The USA Is Jordan Neely

American Conservatism Is a Scam

We Who Struggle with Jordan Peterson

Democracy Is an Old Women's Society

The Fon of Cameroon, or Why the White Patriarchy Will Adapt

Who Will Win the Culture War? [briefing #10]

Black Rage: Afrocentrism or Childish Insecurity?

What's Next In Geopolitics? A Nigerian-Led Conquest of North Africa, and then of Europe

Countering the War on Men

Did Tucker Carlson Leak the Plan?

Checking the Power of Billionaires

A New Balance

Europe's New Balance

How Globalists Are Plotting to End Boys and Men

Europe, the Face of Eurasia [ep. #40]

A Hero's Journey


Let's Be Loud

Trial and Error, an Alternative to Evolution? [ep. #39]

Code of Honor

Go Ahead, Shoot Me


Give Me a Reason to Hold On

Hauser Mauser

Rick Roll

Hardcore Serenity

Little Dream Age

It's Not Over (Agnus Dei)

Surviving Soul Murder after Adverse Childhood Experiences [ep. #38]

Monotone Hypecycle

Power Walk

Prelude for the Fallen


Spring Dawn

Machine Men

Mysterious Secrets

Individuation: How to Become an Emotionally Stable Person [ep. #37]

Why Men Who Don't Feel "Good Enough" Need Alliances [briefing #9]

Why Are Modern Men Struggling? [ep. #36]

Thoughts on the Dutch People Being Replaced with Immigration [briefing #8]

Welcoming the Age of Great Works [ep. #35]

Bill Gates' Dirty Little Secret