Mathijs Koenraadt /mɑtɛis kunraːt/ (1980, The Netherlands) was born a conservative reactionary. He writes books and makes videos for the resistance. His pronouns are Get A Life.

“People are souls, not levers. We are more than matter in motion. The future of the world belongs to those who wrestle themselves free from bureaucratic machinations. If you choose to believe in free Will, rather than selfish genes, guiding our thoughts and behaviors, then we shall be victorious.”

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Bruh, why do you have so many online presences? As an activist, I have to live by the no single-point-of-failure (NSPOF) principle. Big Tech will start shutting down my channels as soon as I get on their radar, and I have no intention to surrender.

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Hall of Shame

List of companies that have (previously) suspended my account:

  • Linktr.ee for being a conservative;

  • Medium.com for writing “vaccine passports go against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”;

  • Twitter.com for tweeting at a blue-checkmark feminist lady: “No, you are the bourgeoisie and the revolution will be against YOU.”);

  • Facebook.com for making a stand against anti-white racism;

  • YouTube.com for calling South Africa’s political situation a “race war”.

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