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Low-Cholesterol Vegan Diets and the Decline of the West [ep. #41]

Low-Cholesterol Vegan Diets and the Decline of the West [ep. #41]


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Western people descend from pastoralists who ate a diet of high-cholesterol foods such as red meats, eggs, and dairy products. By significantly lowering cholesterol, as in a vegan diet, we are not only robbing boys of an essential building block for testosterone, but we are also denying girls their estrogen. Thus, a low-cholesterol society becomes a more gender-neutral society.

Low Cholesterol and the Gender-Neutralization Process

Remember the cholesterol scare? Too much cholesterol in your diet was supposed to clog up your arteries. You could die of heart failure, they said. Now, it turns out, according to a new research, that cholesterol doesn’t do any damage to your body at all, not even in very large quantities.

The original research by Professor Ancel Keys that said cholesterol was bad was a total fraud, and the author eventually even admitted it. There’s no such thing as bad cholesterol either because no cholesterol is bad. In fact, human bodies can’t do without cholesterol. It is an essential building block.

Then why did we believe cholesterol was bad for us? Because we were told. By TV. By the media. By big corporations trying to sell us seed-oil-based margarine instead of butter. (Butter contains about 215 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams. And we should have quit eating eggs, too. Eggs contain 373 milligrams of cholesterol per 100g.)

But cholesterol is also a building block for human sex hormones: for testosterone (especially in men) and for estrogen (more in women). In other words, by lowering cholesterol in people’s diets, we began making people less sexually dimorphic. That means men became less manly and women became less feminine. We started to revert to a gender-neutral mean.

Indeed, the movement to neutralize the human sexes into a gender-neutral species began in the USA during the 1960s (at Yale U and Berkeley). And since the initial focus was clearly on dairy foods such as butter, the initial targets were white people (who historically have been eating a dairy, eggs & meats diet, as opposed to the diet of starchy roots & sugary fruits of Central Africans, for example).

One might consider the cholesterol scam a racist attack on white well-being. And it worked. Today, 20% of U.S. kids say they identify on the LGBT spectrum. They were chemically altered by the food supply and by growing vaccine programs.

Transgenderism among kids is not, was not, and will never be a natural phenomenon. It was a subversive attack on our reproduction committed by the darkest, most vile, most insidious creatures found within our societies—crooked academics.

Are Low-Cholesterol Vegan Diets Making Kids Gay?

Why is the Dutch government actively destroying its most successful industry, the dairy and meat industry of The Netherlands? Because these foods rich in cholesterol supply a large portion of (white) Europeans with the testosterone and estrogen their peoples need in order to develop fully as men and women.

Vegan diets are not healthy, they are restrictive poverty diets. Babies, for example, reared on a strictly vegan diet, cannot survive without animal fats and proteins from the mother’s milk. A few years ago, a Belgian couple was convicted of murdering their child by dietary neglect. They denied their baby mother’s milk and otherwise only fed it a vegan diet.

But not only babies need milk, proteins, and cholesterol to grow. So do children. Boys need cholesterol in order to start synthesizing larger amounts of testosterone, so they may become muscular, tall males. And of course, in the process, their brains also heavily change, developing a knack for spatial tasks, for example, needed in hunting or nowadays in technology jobs.

Girls fed with cholesterol will synthesize the estrogens their bodies need in order to become fully female. Without it, they remain somewhat stunted and certainly do not become as fertile.

By reducing the sexual dimorphism of boys and girls, namely by denying them the cholesterol they need, men and women develop into stunted versions of their potential selves.

So, are low-cholesterol and vegan diets making kids gay and trans? That is certainly one outcome. On a low-cholesterol diet, boys simply can’t become masculine men, and girls can’t become womanly women. They revert to a more gender-neutral mean, an overall impoverished development.

Low Cholesterol and the Negroe-ization of Social Life

The whole attack on Western civilization can be summarized as follows: To change white culture into black culture. The problem is, most people are totally unaware of what these cultures really are, and how or why they are different.

At the start of the European colonial age, the Negroes of West and Central Africa had organized themselves in steep sexual hierarchies. They didn’t have normal families as we have in the West (husband, wife, children). Instead, the Negroes had polygamous systems of ‘kibbutzes’ where the alpha males got anywhere between 4 to 20 wives.

But such a social organization left a ton of single black men without wives. Stacking insult upon insult, these excess males were also considered the scum of the Earth, valueless lowlives. The excess males’ day job was to either starve themselves off, to die in tribal warfare, to be killed for food (cannibalism), to be killed in a quarrel, or to cross-dress for other men to have sexual relief.

Believe it or not, according to Pew Research, even today in the USA, African American males make up only 6 or 7% of the population, but they are 50% of the transgender men.

Later, the Arab slave trade offered a welcome change: Black men could now be sent along with the Arabs, who put the Negroe men up for sale on the markets of Northern Africa, from Morocco to Egypt. It was there that the white colonials ultimately purchased the black slaves.

(Contrary to Hollywood fiction, white Europeans didn’t go to Africa to kidnap black people with fishing nets. That never happened. The Arabs put the black men up for sale first.)

The High-Cholesterol Supremacy

To secure a future for white people, we must abandon all low-cholesterol diets, and embrace our ancestral diet of red meat, eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, and other dairy foods. And that is what the Old Testament Bible also recommends, surprisingly, because God favors the meat eaters over the greens.

Greens are for grazers, and meats are for humans.