France on Fire: Racist Migrants on a Rampage

Researchers have started blaming the riots in #FranceHasFallen on rising food prices and reduced food consumption. They say hunger still predicts popular revolts. Indeed, it does. Hungry people lose their ability to reason, and resort to violence more quickly. But in the case of European nations such as France, this apparent food scarcity was preceded by decades of unrestricted mass immigration.

President Macron publicly put the blame on “TikTok and video games”. Why else would a contingent of rabid Muslims who hate the West want to destroy the French cities that have fed and housed them? What is missing from all this intellectual discourse is a rational understanding of what is really driving migrant hatred toward the countries they migrated to, namely: envy.

Before the equality cult, the 19th-century European bourgeoisie simply told the poor to stop wallowing in envy. God-fearing people knew better than that. Life had so much more to offer than feeling envious. Long story short: we can’t tell them that anymore. The cult of equality means people have the right to demand similar levels of wealth as those they envy.

For the migrants in France, that means upper-middle-class wealth, minimum. The sort of wealth that is unavailable to ordinary native French people is the kind migrants expect to be handed, and immediately so. Some of their peers seem to do well as artists or athletes, but since the majority of immigrants lack any kind of middle-class wealth-generating skills, the masses of migrants living in France have stayed poor, despite being given free welfare and free housing.

And so, racist narratives are easily formed: The only reason, migrants think, that they haven’t won the lottery yet, is that native white French people must be oppressing them, holding them back, discriminating them wherever they go. Many a migrant from Algeria, or from francophone Africa, or elsewhere, privately harbors deep racial resentment toward white people, whom they categorically blame for Africa’s enduring poverty and for their own failures in life.

During the #FranceRiots, videos emerged on Twitter (suddenly rate-limited by CEO Elon Musk) of white policemen being lynched, of innocent white people being attacked with machetes, of a man having his hands cut off for trying to defend his car, of buildings being burned down, including musea, schools, and shopping malls, and so on, and so forth.

Macron showed weak leadership by ordering social media companies to start censoring such footage, for if these images were to spread, they would definitively end the multicultural dream. People who still believe the state’s fairytales might finally wake up.

Though social media truths may be suppressed, the migrants’ own racism toward white people will never be stopped. Their racism will continue to build up until the next violent revolt targeting even more innocent white people.

To put an end to the riots, we must remove the rioters from our cities.

Johannes Mathijs Koenraadt