Chinese-Style Censorship Will Stunt Humanity

The Case for Western-Style Free Speech

I’ve been very active on TikTok over the past two years, and so I’ve gotten a taste of Chinese-style censorship, even though the app is officially incorporated in the USA but likely owned by China’s ByteDance. To give you the essence: Chinese-style censorship is a feelings-driven, outrage-driven form of censorship that favors a feminine submission to arbitrarily enforced “Community Standards”.

Now I understand why China, and its great civilization, for so long, was lagging behind the West’s technological advances. The Chinese mind literally opposes progress of any kind, for anything that might potentially upset this or that group of people must be suppressed.

China’s greatest enemy, in this sense, is China itself. Specifically, Chinese (and other Asian) people’s desire to avoid any kind of disagreement—or loss of face as they call it—leads to a stunted cultural development that traps itself in backwardness.

For example, if I want to discuss the Arab involvement in the beginnings of the trans-Saharan and later trans-Atlantic slave trade, Arabs with hurt feelings can simply gang up on my videos and ban the video. But the bans are arbitrarily enforced. Arabs who make videos suggesting white European wrongdoings during the Colonial Age are not taken down.

I’ve tried codifying my language but it doesn’t work. TikTok’s censorship isn’t speech-driven, it’s feelings-driven. The platform’s idea is to create a low-conflict community where people can scroll past videos that don’t offend them.

This non-offense nature of the TikTok platform, however, means that anybody whose words are actually meaningful or valuable will at some point come under the scrutiny of online society’s irate mobs, and their videos will be taken down, and their accounts eventually banned.

This, then, traps TikTok’s users in a world of absolutely meaningless, attention-wasting content. In fact, I find it increasingly hard to watch any more of the random videos passing my screen.

Most content creators seem to be pigeonholed into narrow bands of permissible content. Content creators are forced to operate within a niche that happens to draw in followers. Stepping out of that niche wins their followers’ scorn.

I believe I’ve avoided being pigeonholed by always discussing the matters that well up in me, regardless of what my previous audience’s beliefs were. And so it happens that the same African crowd who loved my anti-American videos now hates me for defending Europe. Yes, the people who loved hundreds of my videos will now report me to get my channel banned because I said something they didn’t know anything about.

The average TikTok viewer appears to be historically agnostic. Meaning: most average people have no knowledge of their own culture’s past whatsoever. And instead of TikTok defending the content creators who might educate such ignorant mobs, the platform chooses to censor us for “hate speech and hateful behaviors” (the most common reason for a video takedown, I’ve noticed).

But rarely anything I’ve said on TikTok has been “hate speech”, at least not by Western standards. Informing people of facts surely can’t be “hateful behavior” either. Still, it doesn’t matter. Per the Asian concept of “hate speech”, telling people anything they don’t like to hear equals “hate”. By TikTok’s standards, this very newsletter post could be considered “hate speech” because I spoke of “China” in a negative context.

It doesn’t matter that what I say is true. Truth doesn’t bode well in a culture that is all about subjectivity.

At least Western-style censorship adheres to rules that stem from laws, and those laws are based on fairly objective measures. Our constitutions actually help us advance as a society precisely by not giving in to ignorant, irrational, irate mobs. But Asiatic policing doesn’t concern itself with such objectivity. It concerns itself with the opinions of a subjective community.

Many on TikTok would argue that “objectivity” is a white supremacist invention. And I understand now why they would say so: because objective thinking is masculine thinking. And white men of North-West European descent happen to be the psychologically most masculine people in the world. It is what sets us apart from the Global Rest.

Masculinity tends to break out of social mores that try to restrain it. In the West, so far, the masculine was able to escape the feminine, whereas, in the rest of the world, the masculine has long been subdued by the feminine. White society is masculine society.

The LGBT movement clearly wants to put an end to Western masculinity, and everything that stems from it, such as objective science, so China’s TikTok happily facilitates the LGBT at the expense of truth-sayers.

The feminine world is coming for the West. A world full of communistic, feministic, and anti-masculinist races of people wants the West subdued. TikTok has given us a taste of what that Asian-dominated world will be like: a stunted world drowning in mental illnesses kept in check by arbitrary policing and reinforced by likes and clout for the most meaningless content only.

The lone voices who still dare to preach against the tide shall soon be banished. Until then, I will keep speaking.

Johannes Mathijs Koenraadt