Our Resolve Has Never Been So Great

Facing Off with the Globlists

Europe’s position has never been so weak, yet our resolve has never been so great. We are the guardians at the flood of values. We are the soldier at the gates of Pompeii who refused to abandon his post. While the Devil is doing his work, even castrating adolescent boys (white boys) using an AI-controlled robotic machine, and dumping men of our stock in a needless war in Ukraine, a meat-grinder designed to kill as many men as possible, for as long as possible, within our hearts, a great victory is already brewing.

The names of our enemies are of no relevance. Men may carry names like Bill Clinton, Alex Soros, or even Pope Francis who, speaking to former French President François Hollande, already announced that Europe was “in need of rejuvenation”. The Pope was alluding to the mass flood of Indians, Africans, Asians, and Arabs globalists always planned to send to Europe, to rape European women and children, while killing off Europe’s elderly in order to create the dreamed Soros State, a race-mixed Europe devoid of its once rich personalities.

But we wouldn’t be who we are today if we didn’t know how to resist tomorrow successfully. Europe, after all, has been the focal point of the world’s envy since time immemorial. Wave after wave of conquerors has tried to take Europe, if not the first humans who allegedly took her from the Neanderthals. The present ‘Aryan’ pastoralist stock has dwelled here for many thousands of years, mixing with the locals, Neolithic farmers, and archaic Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, enriched by a Mesolithic revival that saw a return of the hunter’s genome that had previously almost gone extinct.

Many great empires and kingdoms have ruled over our territories. Though the present age of nations and nationalism may vanish as quickly as it rose since the 18th century, it can only reveal a stronger, deeper, and darker ethnic tribalism. Faced with an onslaught of immigration, orchestrated by globalists, and faced with the erasure of Christianity, to be replaced with an animalistic Islam, if not a scientific atheism that reduced people to molecules, the lions among us shall awaken to lead the sheep.

Our women want to be warriors but only if their men lead the way. We must become Herculean. We must allow Thor to hallow us with his hammer. We must be like Christ in the face of death—unafraid and overcoming. Our peoples shall not wither away in urban ghettos or rural enclaves. We shall instead fulfill our apotheosis. We shall take back Europe, no matter what it takes. We shall be our manliest selves, our most warlike image, our most victorious crown.

We embrace the possibility to experience our most intense emotions as we rush toward death; a death we shall overcome. Few civilizations manage to jump their shadow. But ours shall leap into the Beyond.

Our resolve has never been so great.

Johannes Mathijs Koenraadt