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12 Rules for Failure, and 12 More for Success [ep. #34]

Why Is Canada Euthanizing Healthy Teenagers? [briefing #7]

How Is American Christianity Different from European? [briefing #6]

Humanity's Operating Principles: Greed and Laziness [briefing #5]

Escaping the Madhouse [briefing #4]

China's Psychological Warfare Compels Us to Embrace Morality [briefing #3]

World Soccer and Racial Politics [briefing #2]

Is Toxic Masculinity Real? A New Insight [briefing #1]

Why Does Inflation Happen? [ep. #33]

White Men Are Stupid in Commercials [ep. #32]

Eat Bugs: My Alma Mater in Bed with the World Economic Forum [ep. #31]

Find Your Courage by Training for Internal Validation [ep. #30]

IQ Is Destiny

Do Western Economies Rely on Ponzi Schemes? [ep. #29]

Three Sigmas to the East

Masculinity Isn't a Molecule: Overcoming Pain, Torture, and Death [ep. #28]

Gender-Bending Covid Vaccines [ep. #27]

Is the Material World Coming to an End? Return to Religion [ep. #26]

What Do Women Really Want? A House [ep. #25]

What Was the Meaning of the High-IQ Society Movement?

A Message in Support of the Freedom Movements [ep. #24]

Suppressed Extroversion and the Revival of the West [ep. #23]

An Alternative Theory of IQ and Intelligence

Divergent Thinkers and Internet Censorship [ep. #22]

Is ADHD a Disorder or a Personality? (Taking the Test) [ep. #21]

Wind and Solar, Revolution or Business Pivot? [ep. #20]

Africa Good, Russia Bad: The Split Western Psyche [ep. #19]

My Kickstarter Project: Modern Runic Alphabets

Birth Sex Is Revealed, Not Assigned

Death as the Only Opportunity to Live [ep. #18]

Finding Your Internal Validations and Letting Go of Unsupportive Friends [ep. #17]

Europe amidst the Anglo-Russian Rivalry [ep. #16]

Intelligent Fiction

Was the Sabotage of NS1 a British Attack on German Industry?

Does the West Have Too Many Low-Ranking Males?

Who Rules the World?

Boys Still Need Traditional Male Role Models [ep. #15]

I Survived Teenage Suicide and No One Cared But Me [ep. #14]

Healing a Negative Self Image by Building a Cushion of Positive Memories [ep. #13]

Silenced: Selective Mutism after Narcissistic Abuse [ep. #12]

Going Full No Contact: Divorcing My Narcissistic Parents [ep. #11]

When Narcissistic Parents Sabotage Your Development & Independence [ep. #10]

Piecing Yourself Back Together after Narcissistic Abuse [ep. #9]

Spousification, or When Narcissistic Parents Place You in an Inappropriate Role [ep. #8]

What Is a Narcissist? [ep. #7]

Going Homeless Saved My Life after Narcissistic Abuse [ep. #6]

"I'm Just Not Good Enough": Overcoming Narcissistic Parents' Scapegoating [ep. #5]

Parentification Or When Narcissistic Parents Skew Their Responsibilities [ep. #4]

When Narcissistic Parents Sabotage their Social Standing, and their Children's [ep. #3]

Should You Learn to Forgive Your Narcissistic Parents? [ep. #2]

When Narcissistic Parents Seek Validation from, and through, Their Children [ep. #1]