China's Psychological Warfare Compels Us to Embrace Morality [briefing #3]

The Twitter Files revealed that Democrats, and Democrat-aligned FBI agents, paid Twitter staff members to censor certain sides of the Truth. But who is paying the Democrats? How many in Biden’s Administration are on China’s payroll? It matters, for a Chinese war on the West may not involve, as we are accustomed to, the use of conventional penetrative weapons such as bayonets, bullets and bombs, but rather the total war tactics of poisoning our resolve. Remember that David took out Goliath using a slingshot, blinding the Giant. Today, the U.S. Army certainly is the world’s Goliath, led by the blinded eye of President Joe Biden. By now, Chinese officials surely have figured out they can weaponize LGBT, diversity, and mass immigration to the West as a means to demoralize the Western peoples from within, without even slinging a single shot. To win this kind of war, then, we must return to Christian morals, for a morality acts as a defense shield against the enemy’s psychological missiles, a Flaming Sword defending the Garden of the West, past which no ill-meaning enemy shall pass.