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Ukrainian Women's Fate

I’ve sighted the first Ukrainian woman abroad alongside her black (French) boyfriend. While 600,000 Ukrainian men have likely died already in that meaningless meat grinder called “the War for Starbucks Profits”, Ukrainian women don’t seem to care. Though women may volunteer for war, the sheer majority of casualties has been male.

The real enemy, perhaps, isn’t even globalism, but women—women who seem to hate their own brothers, sons, fathers, and uncles so much they willingly discard them. The real-time footage coming out of Ukraine and its frontlines seems to suggest precisely this.

And it’s not the first time I’ve heard of this phenomenon. When German war hero Ernst Jünger volunteered to go to war in World War I, he wrote in his diary about the young women in their tennis gear waving at the trains full of young men being shipped away for war. Like cattle on the way to their destruction.

The question, from a man’s perspective, becomes: Have the women ever cared about us men at all? Have they always used us merely to acquire their stupid luxury things? And when they could no longer use us to win more wealth, have they traditionally always discarded us in favor of the next financial opportunity?

What men at the front lines of war don’t get is that their mothers don’t love them, and their wives and girlfriends are disloyal whores. Besides, the women are wrong. They'll have it worse than before as the globalist elites use them to breed an ever lower-cost race of laborers.

I called it from the start, more than two years ago: The Ukraine war is a fake war meant to cull white European men from existence so that they may be replaced with immigrant men from Nigeria, Ethiopia, India or Pakistan. And the white women of Ukraine and Europe are happily going along with this exchange program. It’s the women, after all, calling for open borders and diversity because they think it will make them rich.

They’re completely stupid. They’re evil. They’re possessed by demons of greed. Our primary enemy, then, isn’t this or that version of globalism, but the matriarchy. European men should prepare themselves for a total war on the women until we have established a new spiritual dominance over them, collectively. This we achieve through the complete eradication of the wealth-based culture, of materialism.

We must, by all means necessary, install a brutal regime of dominance over the female desire for wealth and luxury. Our mission, to make it clear, is to completely and utterly eradicate women’s insane materialism, and to purge all those women who cannot let go of their greed.

It’s time to quit waging wars for profit and to start waging wars for the patriarchy.

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