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Progress Was a Dead End

Finding New Direction and Purpose

Have we hit a dead end? Are we just working each day, trying to come up with the next profitable idea, and failing?

If we take a step back, all the great strides forward on the road to progress don't look so great. We tried to teach people to eat fake meat, but not even people who love fast food favor the taste of artificial meat.

We pushed for electric vehicles, but now imagine if there were cars you could fuel up in under five minutes, cars of half the weight and with three times the range? Even German automakers are now realizing EVs can't compete with what we already had, and they're asking the EU to overturn a ban of the old product that was planned for 2030.

If we had let them, our global leaders would have run the injection scheme as a monthly subscription, but people soon realized they're not cattle.

Wind and solar aren't reliable and if you do that math, the equipment doesn't last long enough to be durable. It's not clean energy either if you have to bury piles of toxic waste every year. Let's not even talk about what surgeons were trying to do to children, maiming their bodies and putting people on a lifelong medical program in the name of gender progress.

Are you telling me all these scams were the best ideas our rich elites and their think tank people had to offer?

It sounds like they were desperately trying to invent new industries by throwing common sense overboard. So we've wasted billions hoping to make millions? We are truly living in the Age of Stupidity.

This is how ruling classes lose their legitimacy, when they haven't a clue about what to do next. Cannibalism? No, the next thing they'll try, since all else failed, is war. NATO wants war because it's profitable, not because it's necessary. All you have to do is have your people killed. Very clever.

I have a better idea. What we lack the most is a sense of purpose and direction. Instead of trying to make more money, we could use the wealth we have today to buy more freedom tomorrow.

I say we are ready to forget about futuristic cities and dreams of robot lovers. The cure for our time is not to invest in more technology we don't need, but for the young trapped in the West to start breaking free.

We're going to do something radical. There is a largely unpopulated area in the Northern Hemisphere called the Sub-Arctic. It includes Northern Scandinavia, North Western Russia, Siberia, Greenland's interior, Alaska, and Northern Canada. We're going to figure out how to make those lands more habitable.

As Europe and the USA fall to moral decline and mass immigration, we may end up having the last laugh.