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Poverty Isn't Caused by Inequality but by Overpopulation

The modern world is largely built on misunderstandings.

The supporters of open borders in the west seem to think that by welcoming more people to their society, they'll have more people to fight the rich. They see themselves in a class struggle still.

People on the political left love immigration because they think they're going to be the managers of the newcomers coming in. They think they'll finally have power over people below them.

The people coming to the west think they're going to get a share of the wealth. But Western economies have been losing relative global market share since the 1870s.

Global poverty isn't caused by inequality anymore but by overpopulation.

If we took the wealth of Donald Trump and divided it equally, then every human being would get a one-time deposit of 50 cents. This is what PayPal gives away for free when you verify your bank account.

And that is only if we assume that Donald Trump's wealth is even real and not fake stock money. Because once you start dumping Trump's assets on the open market, they will lose up to 80 pct of their value

Immigration lowers the average labor quality of the host society, diminishing that society's ability to generate wealth.

Global overpopulation is the real problem, which is being caused by the so called global South.

Moving 1 or 10 pct of these people to the West doesn't make the world more equal, either. It just creates a privileged class of third worlders living in the West.

And that's assuming the west will stay rich, which is a false assumption. Wealth also won't move from the West to the East, either.

It will more likely evaporate and leave humanity in poverty while aggressive elites around the world scramble to rob their people, such as in Egypt, where a military elite has already seized the economy.

That's the future: once the global economy begins to slump, aggressive elites around the world will rob their peoples blind.

The problem of modernity is that we worship quantity over quality, and people are quick to call you racist for demanding the opposite. No one apparently is prepared for that transition.

In the end, most human beings are just greedy monkeys, regardless of their skin color.

With the establishment of democracies, these greedy people realized they could vote themselves rich by voting against the survival of their societies, by voting to dismantle the social hierarchies that made once their society wealthy in the first place.

In the end, intelligence will always remain the most offensive thing, for intelligence is not equally distributed and cannot be distributed equally, though stupidity and greed can be easily imported from all around the world in almost limitless quantities.