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America's Televised Decline, Scripted Reality, White Enclaves [livestream #31]

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Livestream of June 28th, discussing the following topics:

  • The televised decline of the USA, but is Trump simply in on the script? To transfer the wealth of the USA to China.

  • Is China behind the systematic humiliations of the West, or who are the elusive globalists who never show their faces?

  • Are we living in a much more scripted reality than we'd like to think? This planned decline of the West deeply dependent on the sheepish nature of the multitude?

  • Heidegger and Das Man, how to live authentically? Can we cure our people from materialism by confronting them with death after an age of having had it all?

  • The broken social contract: younger western generations have it worse , and they're competing against people who had nothing at all. Who will be most motivated to fight for the scraps?

  • Can we escape the big cities and the need for conformity? Can we find new land to start over, not the way Africans are thinking of colonizing Ireland with the obvious support of sick and twisted globalists, but by starting over in the swamps of Eurasia?

  • How about a Catholic Caliphate in the heart of power between The Hague and Brussels? How to organize the foundation of hard religious enclaves, white nations scattered around the old Europe?

  • The idea of long declines and conversions back to better life, versus eternal progress towards utopia?

  • Conspiracy theory: Did Heidegger write most of Ernst Jünger’s books?