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Global Mafia: Did a Financial Cabal Fund All Wars and Revolutions? [podcast #68]

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I discuss an article written by Mees Baaijen, a Dutch author who represents a sort of Chomskyite anti-globalism. I attempt to understand the alternate history that explains our present time. Baaijen’s book is titled “The Predators and the People”.

It seems—interestingly—that the anti-globalist Left and the anti-globalist Right are on the same page, namely that 1) a financial cabal has subjugated our peoples, 2) scientific materialism was a scam meant to strip us of our religiosity, and 3) word of a multipolar world is meant to disguise the wealth transfer from the USA to China, bankrupting the West.

Where I probably deviate from Mees Baaijen is that the anti-globalist Right isn’t interested in fusing the world’s peoples into one giant working class against the ‘‘Arch-Fascist”, but rather to return to our ethno-nationalist roots and do away with diversity.

Note: After reviewing this podcast, I got the feeling that China is behind pitting Russia against NATO, by playing both sides, and that people who say “White men should step back to give the others a chance” are operatives paid for by China.

The globalist Cabal (who never liked White people anyway) want to destroy the Western world and to subjugate the White patriarchy to a global matriarchy. In my view, we should revolt against this enslavement to China by refusing to cooperate.

We, Europeans, can transform Europe into the “pain in the globalists’ ass”.