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Support My Crowdfund for a Classical Music Album

Symphonic Poems of Valhalla

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I will not be using any AI. This project will be composed and produced by a human being (me).

Despite Richard Wagner's 15-hour-long Ring cycle about Wotan, the Valkyries, and Siegfried, the master composer only briefly touched upon Old Norse mythology and extant Germanic literature. 

So, by bringing back the lost artform of the symphonic poem, popularized during the late 19th century, I will compose a series of poems for the full orchestra.

I intend to compose and produce a 60-70 minute long classical album. Each poem will have the length of a movement (e.g., 2-10 minutes) and shall musically express the poetry from the Edda, such as the Lay of Thrym, or the Icelandic sagas, or extant German literature such as Thidrekssaga. 

I will obviously avoid themes already treated by Richard Wagner, and my compositions will be musically original works. My symphonic poems are intended as stand-alone works of art that can be played individual--quite the opposite of a Total Artwork (Gestamtkunstwerk).

In terms of production, I will use excellent computer libraries to simulate a full orchestra. However, if the funding far exceeds what I'm asking for, I will consider hiring a full orchestra for the recording of the CD. So make sure to tell your classical music friends about this endeavor in order to get the best quality!

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