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Architect, Commander, Leader, Magician

Summoning the Most Powerful Personality Types

One in three people has a servant personality. They literally will do whatever their society expects of them. They just want to get along with people and make others feel they belong. But who are the leaders of a society? They are the rarest types.

According to the Myers-Briggs classification, the rarest personality types include:

  • INFJ = Advocate / Magician (introverted feeler)

  • ENFJ = Leader / Protagonist (extroverted feeler)

  • ENTJ = Commander (extroverted thinker)

  • INTJ = Architect (introverted thinker)

The leader is a populist. A leader feels the people well. He is emotional and can sway the masses behind a cause of their choosing.

The commander is disliked by the people, for a commander imposes his will on the masses. But he can push the people toward great achievements, and for this, the people respect him.

The architect doesn’t like people that much, but wants to redesign the world they must dwell in. He dreams up solutions to big complex problems.

The magician, ultimately, is the most powerful of them all, for the magician/advocate advises the commander and imbues the leaders with spiritual legitimacy. The magician wields the power of the gods.

A magician is a bit more likely to be female—hence the stereotypes of witches and seeresses. (The Roman Catholic church likely went after these heathen women magicians, for they were a force preventing the conversion of their peoples.)

Today, however, we are moving through such a soulless time, it is really up to the magician types to start waking up their people, to imbue our peoples with a sense of new spiritual direction.