Smashing the Global Open Society

From Afghanistan to George Soros


Afghanistan has fallen, and mostly single men are suddenly leaving for Europe. Again. It’s the same recipe we saw in Syria after 2015: Western secret services somehow create a conflict resulting in the collapse of a nation, and then the European Union decides to permanently welcome millions of migrants.

Great. As I’ve told you before, the mass migrations to the West are part of a bigger plan, namely the establishment of the Global Open Society under one World Government. Unelected bureaucrats have apparently chosen Northwestern Europe as the starting point to realize this far-left Utopia. Here, in the traditional homelands of the Germanic, Anglo, and Celtic peoples, we are told to blend together with millions of newcomers into a new and diverse species.

Why are we allowing this to happen? Who are these treasonous leaders in charge of planning our people’s genocide? And more importantly, how did the subversion of Western minds succeed? If Westerners want to make a last stand before globalism, they’ll first have to study what the “Open Society” is all about, and what its supporters are trying to achieve.

Arguably, the attack on the West became socially acceptable when the Viennese philosopher of science Karl Popper (1902-1994) argued for the deconstruction of all Western thought since ancient Greece. In his book The Open Society and Its Enemies, he claimed that the ideas proposed by the Greek philosopher Plato (428-348 BC) had led the West straight to pogroms, Crusades, the Gulags, and the Holocaust. Plato’s crime had been to argue for a perfect state, his Republic, a nation founded on inequality.

Popper’s book, however, convinced the new global intelligentsia otherwise. They were now saying that Western civilization was inherently evil and, therefore, deserved to be erased in favor of some Utopian ideal called the Global Open Society. This idea for an open society originally came from a French mystic named Henri Bergson (1859–1941) who was living in Paris around 1900, at the height of the industrial age, but even he borrowed the accompanying worldview from a far older, Middle-Eastern sect as, for example, laid out in the works of Philo Judaeus of Alexandria.

But Henri Bergson had been the first to coin the phrase ‘open society’ in 1932 in his book The Two Sources of Morality and Religion. His writings promoted a transition from an allegedly ‘inferior’ tribal or religious morality to a so-called ‘superior’ open or rational morality. In his view, the very idea of nationhood, of peoplehood, of any sort of political, social, or religious group sovereignty, had to be abolished to make way for a new universal humanity.

Popper weaponized Bergon’s idea, and Popper’s student, known to us as billionaire financial predator George Soros, before changing his name from György Schwarz, began to wield it.

Through mass migrations, and mass miscegenation, the women of Europe are imagined to give birth to the New Man of international socialism, in appearance resembling that of ancient Egypt, whereas European man has been scheduled for his deportation to the Gulags.

To this end, already, we see the push to abolish our police forces for being “too white”. Nobody cares if the police in India are “too Indian”. And then what? The abolition of our standing armies for being too male? Right after the push for more diversity in board rooms (but only for Western companies, of course), the incessant mockery of European men acting stupid in commercials, and a radical-left, blue-checkmarked opposition openly wishing death upon the European family.

All of this is a strategy of war and genocide, but our enemies have not declared war openly. Instead, they are using their control of mainstream media to keep deceiving us all is still well, and that people who think otherwise are conspiracy nuts. But we are at war, and the enemy is advancing. In fact, in Europe at least, the enemy has been in charge ever since the revolutions of 1968. And it was around that time the borders were opened to immigrants from North Africa, Turkey, and the Far East, pouring into our homelands.

The doctrine of open society, then, is presently being realized. Sometimes also referred to as the renewal of Europe, or Europe’s rejuvenation as Pope Francis called it, is, simply put, an attempt to tame the European spirit, to domesticate European man, and to subsequently replace us. The phrase ‘Build Back Better’ might as well refer to European DNA being reconfigured, because that’s what’s going on.

Karl Popper perhaps rightly feared “those reactionary movements which have tried, and still try, to overthrow civilization”. He’s right, but by ‘civilization’ Popper meant Bergson’s idea for the global open society, for international communism. And indeed, I am one of those reactionaries arguing for the victory of freemen over humanity’s slavery.

Intellectuals worldwide have since lauded Popper’s attack on Western thinking, promoting it as the new academic standard, casting out even those timid souls who dared to sputter but a word of objection. Most in academia have fallen in line, and those rare individuals who revolted with a conscience have quit.

Popper, for example, condemned both fascism and communism, but shamelessly pinned the origins of both regimes on 2,500 years of developments in Western thinking, as though all Western roads led to Auschwitz. Popper is quoted writing, “I am, rather, bent on destroying what is, in my opinion, most mischievous in Plato’s philosophy,” for Popper believed it was through Plato that the Germans of the 1930s found inspiration to resist the New World Order.

It’s not that the British Empire saw in democratic Germany a threat to its global power, at the time still ruling over 70% of world’s population—oh no!—nor is it so that the Soviet Union under Stalin always meant to colonize Europe and seize Germany’s high-tech industry. No, no!—It was Germany’s fault for resisting.

Popper’s attack on Western philosophy was a sham, yet it has influenced generations of politicians and scholars to embrace a hatred for the West, the whole West, and nothing but the West. His student, George Soros was so impressed, he decided to further improve upon the anti-Western theme. And Soros later founded his Open Society Foundations, an activist network around the world that seeks to destroy our civilization—and along with it, erase our peoples.

The renewal of Europe is a euphemism for Eurocide, the genocide of European peoples.

George Soros made his billions by plunging millions of people into poverty and starvation, yet, in an interview with CBS News, he said, “I am basically there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.” That is the sort of emotionally detached despotism humanity hasn’t seen since Gilgamesh and Hammurabi. I can understand why British activist Sam Gerrans once called Soros a “psychopath’s psychopath.”

Soros and his minions are on a quest to mold humanity into their own absurd ideal in order to realize the dream of a global open society “in which people are free to hold divergent opinions, and the rule of law allows people with different views and interests to live together in peace.” Well, that sounds just like what we all want, except, in a global open society, people may only hold preapproved opinions that don’t go against the regime, and those who do oppose the global truth doctrine must, therefore, be considered morally deficient and sent off to the Gulags.

No, in the free society we imagine, we, the people, get the decide who we are and who we want to live with. If there are still brave men and fearless women left in this world, their best time to break away from this totalitarian nightmare is today. We mustn’t assume globalists will ever leave us alone. Their politics is their religion. If we don’t stand up against globalism and secure freedom for our peoples, we may never have to make a stand for anything ever again.

It’s now or never! Wake up!

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