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Dune and the Global Chessboard [podcast #57]

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Imagine Frank Herbert's novel Dune was about real-world geopolitics. The House of Atreides is really the British Empire, the Harkonen are the technologically gifted Germans, the planet Arakkis is Arabia, and spice is Arab oil. As in the novel, the Atreides beating the Harkonen, the British beat the German Empire.

German industry had become such a threat by the 1920s that the British sought to discredit the German racial unity underpinning the new German nation founded by Otto von Bismarck.

If Anglo-American media today say they hate racism it's out of purely cynical motives, namely they fear a racial unity between white Europeans and White Russians because they might upset the New World Order.

Their solutions is to throw White Russians and Europeans into a meat grinder, a meaningless war that already started in Ukraine. The war, of course, is entirely fake.

The war with Russia exists only as a pretext to begin purging those pesky White Germanic types from the genetic record so that they may never defeat the Anglo-American leadership and its banking interests.