In Canada, the banks are in charge, I'm told. Turdeau is just a puppet who lets the country go to pot in the name of going green... :(

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The last Emperor "Comité 3000"

Comité 3000

An Israeli organisation with 3000 members or masterminds that controls world politics, commerce, banking, internet, media, and the military for their goal of becoming the world leaders.

(the estimated time of success is 2050) there are about one million direct and indirect partners, staff and agents under this umbrella.

On payroll or allowed to enjoy a super luxury lifestyle:

Kings, supreme leaders, presidents, prime ministers, ministers/senators and generals.

Direct partners:

Assets under management

1. Vanguard $8,100,000,000,000

2. BlackRock $7,961,373,000,000

3. Fidelity Management & Research $3,688,587,311,060

4. The Capital Group Cos. Inc. $3,099,186,116,994

5. Amundi $2,011,000,000,000

6. Franklin Resources Inc. $1,500,000,000,000

7. Wellington Management Company $1,400,000,000,000

8. Invesco $1,390,400,000,000

9. T. Rowe Price Group Inc. $1,230,000,000,000

10. DWS $1,024,230,000,000

-All kinds of insurance companies with different brand names for the local and international markets. (main reason is income with a profit of $2.4 trillion and everybody's health information)

-Main banking partners: Swiss banks and bank of Scotland

-Data servers and gold in unknown mountains in the Swiss Alps.

-Distributing and controlling world diamonds.

Indirect partners/investors:

Saudi Aramco

Apple Inc.


Alphabet (Google)



Berkshire Hathaway

Meta (Facebook)

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC)




Pharmaceutical companies

1 Johnson & Johnson JNJ

2 Roche RHHBY

3 Pfizer PFE

4 Eli Lilly LLY

5 Novartis NVS

6 AbbVie ABBV

7 Merck MRK

8 Novo Nordisk NVO

9 Astrazeneca AZN

10 Bristol-Myers Squibb BMY

Intelligence sources:



Social media

Computer id


Messaging apps

Skype and meeting apps

Simple, fun and incense-looking apps

All payment cards

crypto wallets


Porno sites

Location maps






Grammarly, Inc.

Good to know:

* They used the British comedian Ricky Gervais five times for golden globes to humiliate all actors and say next time you win, come up, get your trophy and keep your mouth shut about world politics and devalue them to play in movies or series on Netflix.

* They are not after Gaza, that's the last thing on their mind, first a Jewish American president, then the US Army. (Ivanka Trump could be a good candidate for them in 2028 after her father)

* University students are easy targets to manipulate and convince for their operations.

* Worldwide above 10.000 professional assassins.

* Also, very common practice to use a honeytrap.

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