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The Putin Interview, CIA Active Clubs, and Holy War on Islam [stream #26]

In this live stream replay, I give my thoughts on a broad range of matters.

So what’s the take-away from the interview with Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin? Well, Putin outed Tucker as a CIA operative, and himself as a globalist. Putin also believes in a rules-based (globalist) order. Rules, he says, that “have always been that way”, but seem to supersede nations, peoples, and religions.

The Russia Scare seems to be the West’s way of keeping people motivated enough to work harder “to defeat Putin”. A plot straight from the book 1984. The lockdowns, the rules, the crackdown on freedom and autonomy—the West has such a lack of visionary thinkers, our leaders are simply playing out the movies they used to watch.

Without Russia, of course, the West might simply collapse into civil war and tribal bloodshed. It suggests that there might never be a “new world order”, but rather just the collapse of the present order. We should be preparing to position ourselves for the collapse.

It’s worth mentioning, once again, that the so-called Active Club Network clubs are a CIA/NATO honeypot to kill off susceptible white men in wars for globalism, while are lands continue to be flooded. We shall survive the black flood by turning on our governments instead.