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Cities Are the End of People [podcast #61]

Seizing the Moment While We Are Ahead of the Pack

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I recorded this three-part video on TikTok, put together here as a single video podcast. The Germans of the 1930s had discovered an awful truth: Rural Germans who had moved to the big cities during the Industrial Age had all died out by the 5th or 6th generation, without exception. Tracking the last names of people who moved to the urban center, they noticed the names eventually completely disappeared from the record, suggesting their extinction.

It turns out, cities are just population sinkholes that capture surplus populations. Rural peoples tend to have highest fertility but no “room” for housing surplus children. In rural societies, at least in the European tradition, only the first son and the first daughter get to inherit a farm (the girl marries into another farm). Surplus siblings either become unmarried farmhands or they move to the city, where their labor is exploited to produce the illusion of progress and wealth.

But the wealth cities provide may very well be a trick to soothe people who might otherwise revolt against their less fertile condition. It really isn’t hard to imagine that concrete urban zones produce less fertile people than natural environments. Of course, the majority of human beings shall remain in complete denial of this reality, namely that wealth, fame, money, power, luxury goods, fine foods, and status contribute absolutely nothing to one’s lineages’ survival. Only control of fertile land does.

While other races are now mass migrating their surplus children to the big cities, we in the West must therefore plan for escaping the cities by adopting an anti-materialist religion.

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