Vaccines for the Gender-Neutral Society

May the Truth Be Spoken?


The aggressive push for covid vaccines, now for children, as expected, coincides with incessant media propaganda for the coming gender-neutral society. I’m here to tell you nothing is a coincidence, and the vaccines have something to do with making kids gender-neutral.

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Indeed, every major corporation in the Western world has spent a whole pride month donning their corporate logos with rainbow flags. Postal services, consumer banks, even the most boring paperclip companies you know of are pushing out non-stop advertising for covid jabs, mixed-race families, and non-binary kids.

Non-binary boys and girls are called the avant-garde, meaning people high up in politics know it’s being planned for. Gender-neutral society is coming and gender-neutral language is supposed to prepare us. Mother’s milk is to be called person’s milk, man-hours are person-hours, and feminist women are talking out of their vaginas—sorry, I meant pie holes. This linguistic attack on the West, lodged from within, serves no other purpose than to change reality.

Without a doubt, then, the vaccinations have something to do with the West’s gender programs for kids. If everything from cartoons to toys to school plays to Hollywood movies now involves some reference to the LGBT alphabet, then perhaps the vaccines for children are really hormone blockers that will prevent a child’s normal physical development.

The covid vaccines are mostly poison, a thick gel-like substance, and will, at minimum, help kill off an unproductive senior demographic, so the rich can steal their savings and spend their unclaimed pensions. For healthy, reproductive adults, the vaccines may or may not make you infertile, but will certainly weaken you. And the real killer, of course, is the covid vaccine for children.

Basically, I suspect the vaccines will arrest children’s bodies in a childlike state. Girls, for example, may no longer develop breasts and will no longer have periods. Boys will no longer grow extra muscle, won’t grow taller and bigger than girls, nor will they have the testosterone for it.

It won’t matter, since you’re not going to be allowed to eat a high-protein diet anyway in the vegan fruitopia. Imagine healthy males revolting against the elites trying to sterilize them. We can’t have that.

In The Netherlands, our public health minister has said he’s going to send ‘jab busses’ to every school in the nation. Kids under age 12 can then have their jabs without their parent’s knowledge or approval. State-subsidized teachers will, no doubt, fire up the peer pressure to save themselves from this grave non-existent threat.

And once the vaccinated start dropping like flies when their immune systems overreact to the actual flu season, the media will blame it on jab-resistant variants, and on the unvaccinated, for which there is only one solution: more jabs. Luckily for our powerful elite friends, most people seem to be happy to take their jabs so they can join the nouveau stupide.

Each and every one of you taking the jab deserves a Darwin Award for participating in these Special Olympics. Fucking retards.

And then, during the next 10 to 15 years or so, when the vaccines have killed off at least half the population, and boys and girls have ended up looking physically alike, selective abortions can do away with boys altogether since no one will notice the difference when they’re gone, thus leaving nothing but a neutered, genetically female-only, physically gender-neutral race of mindless slaves.

This is a suicide cult. What is happening to the West? How did Western elites become their own people’s worst enemies? How come people can’t see through the bullshit? Not the world wars, not communism, not Islam, not mass immigration could destroy the peoples of European stock, but an inordinate amount of fear for what is the common flu might do it.

Let’s backtrack a little to figure this out. Mainstream media, organized religion, and public education are the tools powerful families wield to communicate with and train the people. The news, the churches, and the schools are by no means objective institutions and never have been.

Your taxes may help pay a teacher’s salary, but teachers obey the state, not you. Elite families can easily abuse a democratic system by controlling both the left-wing and the right-wing. Both wings tend to agree on important matters that benefit the rich and powerful, but not the people. True opposition is ignored, hijacked, or killed.

The Trump-right, for example, is the controlled opposition to the Biden-left. Both were friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Knowing this, all we need to do to figure out what is really going on in the world is to pay attention.

So, let’s pay attention to what Western journalists, teachers, and even priests are pushing out most aggressively. They are pushing the ideal of a gender-neutral society, they are pushing mixed-race offspring, especially for European women, and they are now pushing covid vaccines for children.

Might it all have something to do with one another? Why did the so-called Alt-Right movement bring forth self-admitted pedophiles such as Milo? Why does Turning Point USA host transgenders, gay blacks, and pornstars? And why do people fear the unvaccinated more than they fear people with HIV/AIDS?

The one thing both political wings keep agreeing on, then, is the complete and total deconstruction, and the eventual erasure, of the white European family. This is what ties everything together. There is no uncontrolled position. If you haven’t figured out how to think for yourself by now, you’re not going to.

While China admits its vaccine isn’t as effective as the one used in OECD countries, these Western nations also have the highest vaccination rates. And though almost nobody in Central Africa has been vaccinated against covid as of today, up to 80% of people in European nations have had their two shots.

Devastating side-effects, including paralysis and death, are kept from the media because most jabbatoirs forbid people to take pictures of victims rolling over the floor, frothing from their mouths like epileptics with polio. Even more testament to human stupidity is the hundreds of people present watching others die before their eyes only to step forward when it’s their turn to take the jab.

Who knew it was this easy to kill people. Well, our elites knew.

Except for Australia, there is no meaningful resistance. Hardly 20% of Australians have taken the jab, so their globalist government is left with few options but severely restricting public life until everyone dies. Eh, sorry, I meant until everyone does. Nowhere in the world have the lockdowns been so severe as in places such as Sydney and Melbourne, but not to curb the virus, mind you, but to get people to take the shots.

If Australians keep resisting, I predict the ‘ozzie’ military will begin forcefully injecting men, women, and children before Christmas this year.

It’s just a coincidence that Australian-born Brenton Tarrant shot up a mosque in Christchurch so that new gun laws could be passed just in time to confiscate people’s weapons. You’ve been disarmed so the military could come in and jab you. Never mind my suggestion here, I’m sure almost no one, except for the people who pulled it off, will believe me anyway.

Still, I’m not even close to what one might call a conspiracy theorist. They’re doing it out in the open, so it’s not actually a conspiracy if it isn’t even a secret, is it? The real problem is that most civilians refuse to use their brains to figure out that the ruling classes they have been following so obediently all their lives are severely mentally ill.

The people we call our elites aren’t normal people. They are emotionally broken people seething with hatred and revenge. They hate you, common folk, for being the cause of all their misery. They compensate with power for what they lack in ability. They’re insecure because, in a global economy that has taken a downturn for the West, our elites must now face the possibility of their own extinction.

So, be quick and reduce the cost of managing our nation by culling the herd. That means: you. Fear of the unvaccinated then stems from the possibility that, in the near future, they might be the only people left who can procreate freely. They might repopulate the earth with their conservative, naturally more distrustful attitudes. We can’t allow that to happen, can we?

In The Netherlands, for example, about 900,000 people aged between 18 and 30 are living with their parents because they cannot find affordable housing. At the same time, every single one of the last 50,000 or so family homes that have been newly built was awarded to asylum seekers, immigrants, and other non-Europeans. This is called replacement immigration, but you’re a racist for pointing it out.

Dutch mainstream media consistently use imagery of white children when the message is not to have any, but on the same page, the same journalist happily celebrates the arrival of an immigrant family of nine while condemning white taxpayers for the lack of suitable housing to accommodate such large families.

The mixed-race propaganda serves only to smother the black testosterone pouring into Europe, whereas white men are told to go vegan. In the end, the vaccines may be a welcome solution to rid the world of so many stupid people who willingly went along with their state-ordered suicides.

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