Individualism, the Sickness of Our Time


The ‘cult of one’ is a religious movement that began in the Middle East some five thousand years ago or more. Centered around the belief in the oneness of everything, this movement has taken on surprising many forms, but each working toward the same event, the Singularity, when all becomes one. 

For example, the eye of Horus floating over the freemasons’ pyramid is one representation of this cult, the Book of Zohar foretelling the fusion of the divine male and female into a transgender goat-god is another, and the oneness of Christianity’s Holy Trinity yet another.  

The oneness of everything as a belief system has been the root cause of all modern illnesses. Starting with the great monotheisms, the belief in the One God saw the rise of the Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. With the arrival of organized religion, the worship of the one Son, or the one Prophet, people came to worship their egos rather than their ancestors.

Atheism is monotheism with one less God, in favor of worshipping some divine formula, the scientific theory of everything. And in Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring, the one ring that rules them all must be destroyed in a fire. The ring represents the one God that must be destroyed by Satan in order to establish atheism so that dwarves and elves and humans and orcs can all coexist peacefully. 

Indeed, the belief in equality is just another version of the cult of one.

The christening of Europe then all but successfully anesthetized the polytheistic European soul. Christianity carried forward the Greco-Judean idea of the sovereign individual, ‘freeing’ people from ancestral worship. 

The religions of individualism have made people deeply narcissistic, calculating, ‘rational’, selfish, in constant need of praise and worship in the form of material offerings, and yet, the followers of this cult of self-worship remain as helpless as a little baby and can only respond to their incompetence with a seething rage.

The influence of the cult of one can now be felt in every aspect of our lives. In fact, it has completely changed our reality. 

Karl Marx dreamed of establishing the definite class, the one working class. Albert Einstein famously fused space and time into spacetime, as though the physical world were one giant whole. Stephen Hawking gave the universe a singular origin, the so-called ‘Big Bang’. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed the European preference for life among their kin was a mental illness to be cured with individualism. Jordan Peterson merely picked up where Jung left off in terms of destroying Western social cohesion. 

The field of philosophy, too, has seen no exemption. German thinker Martin Heidegger went so far as to combine time and Being into a transcendent Oneness, erasing the very distinction between past, present, and future, and forming a gigantic present moment, the Eternal Now, so doing away with the ancestral past Europeans used to believe in.

Modern liberals want to ‘liberate’ people from the restraints of their classes, ranks, families, gender, races, and you name it. They want to create one world without borders, mix everyone together to efface all difference, enslave people under one world bank, the global economy, and the one open society, with only one tune left to dance to, global communism. 

But today’s youngsters dance alone. Knowing no shame, they go to clubs and festivals to jump up and down, randomly flailing their arms and legs around. If your ancestors could see your TikTok-moves, they’d think you were all nuts. Our ancestors used to dance together to renew their social bonds. Dances were meant to drum up the spirits of their ancestors, to help heal the tribe, or perhaps in anticipation of childbirth.

Today, we are told to pursue a lifestyle of one-night stands, to live in a pod, alone, and to stay single, to pursue love the way the characters of Sex and the City do, hopping on and off the carousel—but don’t call me a whore, ‘cause I don’t take cash, only expensive gifts will do.

Likewise, the trans-gender movement means to establish the definite sex—presumably, the female. We’re told the future is female and men will just have to live in jail or die out. Robots will take care of kids born in electric wombs so women can be free to pursue … what exactly? What are women supposed to do all day if there’s nothing left to do? Meaningless peacockery? Flaunting the latest fashion to other women who aren’t even looking?

Pursuing individualistic careers solely for one’s self-adulation, we think the emptiness of being is our track to getting promoted. Have I got a sticker for you. School exams test how well an individual student can replicate the dogmas of the collective. Why are pupils rarely judged as a group, for example, for building a house together? Why don’t family doctors get paid for each day their patients did not get sick?

People aren’t bricks glued together by society. We aren’t are supposed to be disconnected nobodies, nor connected somebodies. We are supposed to be living souls! Yet modernity keeps telling us “we’re all special” even though boredom consumes us. Vanity can never fill the gaping void where our soul used to be. If everyone’s special, then no one is. 

The oneness of everything wants to erase every ‘class’ distinction. It wants to mix all people with all so that the definite race, the one mixed race, can replace all others. For the same reason, now, climate Marxists are starting fires and flooding lands in order to create the definite climate. It should make us tremble with fear, for back when Marxists dreamed of elevating the working classes to establish the definite class, their nightmare ended in the murder of over 80 million people in Soviet labor camps.

Indeed, even democracy is not, and never has been, a native European way. “One person, one vote,” is the adagio to divide the people on every matter, so elites can rule democracies per divide et impera, divide and conquer.

They—the followers of the cult of one—call these developments their “enlightenment project”. They won’t stop until they’ve deconstructed physical reality itself, until the whole thing has collapsed onto and into itself, and all sentient minds have fused into one immutable entity they call a God-Mind.

For this is their one goal: to give birth to their God, their Messias, by tearing reality apart. Few people even grasp the pervasiveness of this completely alien, un-European, and anti-European doctrine that is the oneness of everything.

More than a psychologist, it’s a philosopher’s job to understand why people are generally unhappy. Why are so many people living unfulfilling lives nowadays? The psychologist analyses the individual and prescribes therapy, but the philosopher dives deep into the sources of it all. In the dark, murky waters of humanity’s soul, we see that mankind has become increasingly individualistic and narcissistic, riding a wave of materialism into the cities.

Today, humanity has been almost completely uprooted, cut off from the soil of his forebears, and dropped into residential highrises that amount to no more than human pigsties. Our ideal of scientific advancement leads us to lock ourselves up in spaceships made of glass and steel, losing any and all connection to the soil of the earth, cocooned in a technocratic dystopia.

And soon, our flesh and blood will be synthetically created, our minds replaced with implants, our hearts with pumps and valves. How much longer before we cease to be human at all?

‘Normal people’, simply meaning people who get to live fulfilling lives, crave community and companionship. We crave belonging and a role in some group effort, but as modern individuals, we must dwell alone. As a group, as our group, no matter how big or small, we become more than the sum of individuals. 

Rather than having to prove ourselves worthy to an undeserving audience every day anew, we find, all of a sudden, that we are supported by our kin. We can rise above ourselves, and, guided by our ancestral spirits, we achieve life’s fulfillment through struggle, for we are no longer afraid to go at it alone.

As with the flash of an atom bomb, we have awoken to the deception that was the Age of Enlightenment. The cult of the One will have to grow up.

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