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France's Secret Colonial Empire [podcast #58]

Or Why Macron Wants War with Russia

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Western “leftists” think the war in Ukraine is about defeating a “fascist” Putin. In reality, Ukraine is more about protecting Western colonial interests in Africa.

France still controls about 14 African nations with its French franc currency, issued by the French central bank. That way, France can get these nations to give up their resources on the cheap—benefiting not only the French economy but also the Anglo-American Empire.

Without these resources, France would be bankrupted, and the other EU nations would have to foot the bill. The EU wouldn’t survive, and EU markets would fall to Russia. Russia’s Wagner has been ousting French/European influence in the West-African region. Several French media, for example, have recently been banned.

West Africans, under the influence of TikTok, have been experiencing an awakening. In fact, this is probably why my TikTok accounts were banned (under NATO pressure), because my videos about this issue went viral on the African side of TikTok.

In this podcast episode, I give an overview of our geopolitical situation.

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