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The Antidote to Jordan Peterson's Individualism


Jordan Peterson’s rise to stardom, a few years back, wasn’t organic. It was planned, with the help of the very media that later pretended to hate him. The Right foolishly embraced the Canadian controlled opposition, presumably because Peterson’s apparent defense of Western values hit a snare.

But right from the start, Peterson’s central message has been to discount the European family in favor of radical individuals each pursuing their rational self-interest. He calls this ideal the “divine individual”, and claimed it is rooted in Christianity. To Peterson, life as an atomized individual is the antidote to both communism and fascism.

It turns out Peterson’s message is that of a Marxist feminist who, no different from radical feminists such as Shulamith Firestone, is bent on the deconstruction of Western society and our social structures, such as our nations, our tribes, and, in particular, the family as the cornerstone of society.

Peterson and other radical feminists deceived the West to prepare for a Final Solution: namely, the complete erasure of European social cohesion. A man afraid of being one, Peterson essentially dreams of “liberating” women from the so-called oppressive restraints of child-bearing family life, so that women, rather than men, can live as selfish individuals pursuing their material interests.

This, in itself, contains a red-herring argument, since most men of the West are equally bound up by family life. They are not running around selfishly pursuing fun and games at the expense of women. They are providers and defenders. Peterson is simply the sheep in wolves’ clothes who has come to infect the West with foot and mouth disease.

According to him, the most fundamental Western value is supposed to be that of the recognition of the individual as a sovereign entity, an ideal he admitted did not originate in Europe at all, but rather in the Middle East, in ancient Mesopotamia, places normal people do not think of when we speak of “the West”.

A falsification of history isn’t alien to Peterson and his allies, either. For example, Peterson agrees with professor Ricardo Duchesne, author of such books as The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, and Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age. These books, too, have drawn in audiences from the Right. And they, too, have been fooled.

Duchesne claims “individualism is a unique attribute of European peoples”. But it’s not, and never has been. A student of Old Norse literature, for example, would know. In the Icelandic sagas, it is not the individual but rather the family supporting the individual that comes across as Europe’s tradition.

European peoples and their offshoots are not, and never have been, atomized individuals. We are not individualists living in the present moment of whatever personal identity we’ve adopted for ourselves, today, as though we were nothing but customizable characters in a video game, and we can be somebody else tomorrow.

Peterson, Duchesne, and the rest of the Marxist mafia have sown great confusion among right-wing thinkers by, justifiably, pitting the European individual against the Eastern collective. Though it’s true European individualism leads to freedom from collectivism, it does not mean freedom from family.

Western families, and life in rural clans, present a third way, an antidote to both the atomized individualism of the Middle East and to the unthinking collectivism of the Far East. Since Jordan Peterson can only reason from his Middle-Eastern point of view, he misses the European point, or rather both of them:

  • One, long before the arrival of Judeo-Christianity, Europeans traditionally counted among their ranks unique and strong personalities. The Babylonians did not need to invent European individuality for us. Europeans already had it naturally.

  • And secondly, the European individual does not suffer from a boundness to an all-encompassing Whole, such as the nation or the faith, but rather, he rises to astonishing heights precisely because his kinsmen are there to support him.

Anyone who thinks, like Peterson, that a European individual can find strength in some disconnected individualism will discover that he has built his house on quicksand. Ancient Europeans worried more about what their ancestors might think of them than about the fame their descendants might carry forward.

The ancient European, then, believed his forebears awaiting him in the afterlife would judge him for his actions. The forebears would want to know: Did you fight for your people? Did you defend the honor of your race? Or did you merely live for yourself?

The modern ideal, the one Peterson peddles, of a lone individual somehow making it big in Hollywood is the faith of narcissists, the religion of narcissism, and unique only to certain Middle-Eastern peoples. European man’s highest ideal was to be welcomed into the hall of one’s forebears in the afterlife, i.e., to join the ancient family.

It is through their blood ties that Europeans live free. And herein lies the greatest threat to the atomic collective. For if Europeans fight together, and for one another, we make ourselves all but invincible.

So, remember who you are—Anglo, German, Celt, Slav, Nord, Roman, Greek, Spaniard. Remember. Remember the men who came before you, in whose footsteps you live. Say “no” to the cult of individualism.

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