The U.S. Leadership Is Mentally Unstable

The World Must Unite to Defuse the USA before She Becomes a Threat to Human Survival

Apparently stuck in an echo chamber completely devoid of any sense of what’s going on in the real world outside, the highest ranks of the U.S. leadership at the CIA, the U.S. Army, the White House, and other branches of American power, have increasingly begun to promote a world without males.

A recent U.S. Army recruitment video shows a pained young woman raised by two women. In an apparent move to prove herself worthy of the father she never had, she has to make herself manlier by becoming a soldier. Her agony shows in her deadened facial expressions. Robbed of fatherly love, she is now willing to get herself killed in action to earn it.

The video came shortly after the CIA posted its widely ridiculed recruitment video full of ‘woke’ talking points about intersectional, cisgender millennials. The CIA leadership slammed critics by accusing the world of having “misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.” Well, most women on this earth want to be women, not neutered dogs.

The present U.S. leadership seems to be bent on supporting a most far-left feminist fringe ideology that says males must step down from society, boys must be dressed up as girls, and unborn boys must be aborted. In the future, babies ought to be cloned in pods, so women can work without having to become pregnant — or having to meet men.

The U.S. leadership is mentally ill. It has embraced a sickening anti-human and dystopian view of a planet exclusively populated by females. It wants to create a female-only human species by pruning male infants from women’s wombs. It wants to rob women of healthy relations with the opposite sex. It wants to rob girls of fathers. It wants to remove males from society and to erase the male sex altogether.

However, this bizarre, warped mental state means the world can no longer allow the U.S. government to wield the world’s greatest military and nuclear powers. A mentally unstable USA has become a threat to human survival. In response, the entire world from Russia to India, from China to Latin America, and from Africa to Europe must act as one in order to neutralize the threat.

We must also be careful to enlist the American people — who have done nothing wrong and who are not to blame for the collapse of its leadership. Rather, we must point to the twisted minds at Berkely University and at Yale University, the Sodom and Gomorra of intellectual thought and the origins of the anti-male feminist movement.

Together, we shall found a conservative world order. We shall build a world centered around the ideals of marriage and family, and mental health for all.

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