The Urban World Is Coming to an End

It’s Time to Relocate Our Best Stock to the Countryside

A woman from rural Estonia once told me, “Cities are the end of people.” She was referring to the destitution she and her husband had found spending a year working abroad in Paris, France. “Homeless people were shitting in the middle of our street. Paris is great if you have a lot of money. Then, you can have everything you want. But for everyone else? Cities are the end of people.”

The couple moved back to the Estonian countrysid and are now enjoying a small-town life in a place where air is still fresh, and where people they meet have familiar faces. The hell found in residential Paris is no different from an urban life in San Francisco, Athens, or Rotterdam. Venturing just outside of the brushed-up tourist hotspots, people in every major city around the world encounter the same dumpster-fire poverty.

Cities are the end of people. Cities are literal shit. They produce nothing, import everything, and export human feces. Cites have, in effect, become holding cells for the billions of surplus humans who cannot live on land of their own. There is a shortage of land to farm but no shortage of floors a highriser can have. Though a life in the countryside requires one to have one’s wits about them, people barely smart enough to pull a lever once every so many seconds can still land jobs in Brooklyn.

Companies like Amazon don’t need beings who can think for themselves. They need button-pushers and lever-pullers, tasks that can be dumped on robots soon. Cties, not the countryside, have dumbed people down. If you find people in the countryside sound slow, it may be that they’re still using their brain for thinking rather than whipping up the automatic facts you learned by rote.

Repeat after me: slow people think deeply, smart people think fast, educated people don’t think. Education is domestication. A massive service economy was invented to supply hordes of unidimensional people with their basic needs, an apartment box and a stream of soylent.

Is your lightbulb broken? Call the electrician. Is your sink plugged? Call the plumber. As long as you have the income to afford these services, your mind is free to over-specialize to some high-grossing though otherwise completely meaningless activity.

Rapid urbanization around the world began in Europe, right after the fall of the Roman Empire, when the Empire’s former settlements along the rivers Rhine, Danube, and Thames started absorbing massive numbers of people. Urbanism spread like a cancer, specifically infecting people living along the world’s great rivers and deltas. Europeans had long saturated the countryside, and mothers were now sending their surplus children to the cities the way shit flows downstream.

This development lasted for several centuries and didn’t end until after the Industrial Age. White people, too, mass migrated from the countryside to the cities. Their mass migrations to the cities came to a halt around the 1970s, the time when white populations worldwide stopped growing altogether and leveled off. Having children became too costly and white women simply stopped having large families with the help of government-subsidized contraceptives.

Cities are, first and foremost, artificial habitats that allow various human races to live comfortably in regions they didn’t evolve for. For example, well-heated homes are what allow black Africans to live through Scandinavian winters. Air-conditioned buildings are what allow white people to live and work in places like Texas. On our own, however, without modern medicine, whites couldn’t even survive a simple malaria bite.

Human beings have so created an entirely artificial world — the urban world. Cities are farms for humans. What is the purpose of all these cities? Well, now that they’re here, and now that the majority of human beings is living in them, mindless self-preservation has become the sole purpose of city populations. Cities have to expand continuously to stay alive. Without steady economic growth, all urban civilizations eventually collapse.

There is an end to growth, though. Even if we could turn the whole earth into a giant city, a concrete Death Star, there would still come a point in time when the population growth must come to an end. And perhaps it is coming to an end in our own time. In fact, it is coming to an end in our time. There is evidence for this claim. Infertility cults (lgbt, mgtow, the child-free lifestyle, etc.), for example, being pushed by corporate & state media, serve as a simple way of slowing down the population growth.

Urban folks who are indoctrinated to internatlize this movement’s tenets can only respond with anger toward rural folks who are still allowed (or able) to have larger families.

Likewise, the hatred spouted by the American Antifa (anti-fascist) movement primarily stems from this hatred as well. Remember that anti-fascism really means anti-groupism, as in the family group (a fascio is Italian for bundle or sheaf). Since many urban youngsters cannot, and will never, have families of their own, they can only respond to their condemnation with a vile hatred for those who still can: outsiders, those “rich people”, those “privileged people”, and those “rural Rednecks”.

It is foreseeable, therefore, that large armies of disgruntled youngsters, angered by their own condemnation to remain childless, shall revolt against all whome they see as hoarding privilege. That means people who do still have the means to have families would do well to begin leaving the cities.

Even so, a white middle-class exodus from the cities will only postpone the problem’s conclusion. It will not solve it. It will buy time. And then, we shall have to flee into the woods and run for the hills, and wait, patiently, for hell to freeze over.

The urban world is coming to an end. The new world shall be built on the old world’s fertile ashes.

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