The Reaction Must Unite against Communism, Again

Why is it that leftish intellectuals think conservates are ignorant and stupid? At the same time, these self-styled ‘thinkers’ ally themselves with the most aggressive forms of despotism that leave no freedom to anyone, no group or individual. But if we leave the globe’s rule to them, we shall succumb to a most repressive regime unparalleled in history.

The intellectual left are, and have always been, a deeply narcissistic clique. They have no real care for others since they deny the very existence of ‘the Other’. They only recognize themselves as some divine oneness. A leftist’s sole purpose in life lies in crowning himself (excuse me, theirself) humanity’s god, king, and emperor (pardon me, goddess, queer, and empress).

The only place leftists should ever be allowed to rule is a kids’ sandbox. Locked up in there, they can build their sand castles and re-enact their dreams of total rule. The rest of us have grown up. The adult right must, therefore, in the real world, react, and with good reason, lest we surrender ourselves and humanity’s future to the most selfish and childlike thinkers among our kin, the intellectuals.

Contrary to academic conviction, rational and scientific thinking alone are very limited modes of thougth, rooted in the false doctrine of materialism. The braver souls among us use both logic and reason and their souls and spirits, in harmony, to guide their peoples through the ages. Thusly, we achieve victory when faced with the mechanical moloch of the left.

Indeed, western leftish despots (and there are as many as there are people who vote left) have aligned themselves with Chinese technocratic communism. They believe human behaviors can be reprogrammed by changing our DNA’s sequences. They do no perceive men and women as human beings. They perceive you and me as tools.

Meanwhile, China’s influence is being felt in the West. It’s more than a flirt. Western leftists are cheating on us. The Middle Kingdom is exporting its style of despotic communism around the world faster than ships can sail the Suez Canal. Western economies now depend on Chinese manufacturers and simultaneously rely on access to a massive Asian market.

What shall become of the West in a world dominated by the East? Stagnation. Progress (of the Western spirit!) shall grind to a halt.

To compete with the East, the West has had to open its borders to hordes of cheap labor from the Third World (Africa, the Islamic world, and Latin America), and at its own people’s expense. If Western peoples still want to live free, we shall first have to redefine ourselves, not as the urban socialist dystopia sold to us by immoral degenerates, but as the revival of a heroic spirit that once crushed precisely such empires threatening us today.

From the Persian hordes at the Hot Gates to the Chinese Dragon of our time, we must examine this question: What do we care about the most? Indeed, today, profits made in Taiwan flow to pockets designed in San Francisco. But for how long? Greed is an unsustainable model. The inequality of mind and labor has divided the world into exploitees and profiteurs. We should desire to be neither. We should be leaders and warriors.

Meanwhile, a dying Europe has all but sold its soul to the devil, already helping Chinese-style communists to control its citizens and to “make the future more predictable”, forever fixing the status quo in China’s benefit.

It is to unpredictable action, then, that the men of the West must, and shall, return.

Nowhere in the world but in The Netherlands and Germany do school children have to stick swabs up their noses twice a weak to prove they’re not infected with a hoax. The Popperian deconstruction and Raspaillian erasure of the Western tribes used to be conspiracy theories, now they are EU policy, a continuation of the Hooton Plan which argued surviving German women after the Second World War ought to marry immigrants, “to breed the war strain out of them”.

As Western journalists are fixated on Chinese crimes committed against the Uyghur population, they conveniently blind themselves to the exact same crimes being committed against people of European stock. For some reason, our media are more upset about Han Chinese moving to another province within their own country than about hordes of millions of Arabs, Africans, and Asian immigrants flooding into Europe. Chances are high our ethnic European children may be erased long before the Uyghur die out. That is, if we do nothing to stop it.

The political left has traditionally devised words with negative connotations to refer to its opponents. For example, the words ‘populist’ and ‘populism’ are supposed to mean bad things, as if a people that refuses to be exploited any longer were a bad people! And a reactionary movement is considered one that “does not think before acting” but merely reacts to what it does not understand!

So, they say. We know better. Populists, reactionaries, and conservatives alike are simply matured people operating on a higher level of understanding. Our conclusions elude the left for the same reason a baby child can’t grasp yet why it’s bad to eat the sand from the sandbox.

We, the men and women on the right, don’t care about today. We care about today and tomorrow. We learn from the past not because we seek to return to it, but because we want to revive the spirit that once made the past so memorable.

We don’t care as much about inequality, because we’re not children fighting over a piece of the pie. We can bake our own pie. We don’t need to think rationally all of the time, for we have long understood that the strictly rational, material view of the world has trapped academics in mindless thought processes that limit our success as human beings. What we do care about are things called: honor, heroism, family, and freedom. We care about matters neither too abstract nor too concrete but which stem from a fire burning within.

Although we have grown wealthier in material and technological terms since the decline of the West set in, our souls and minds have never been so empoverished. What utter garbage is now being shown by Netflix and in mainstream cinema surmounts to nothing but mental abuse. It is meant to demoralize us. We will not let them.

The LGBT club, the myth of white male privilege, mass migration, miscegenation, the covid lockdowns while the money printer went brrrr, social media censorship, the climate change scare, Black Lives Matter, and Defund the Police — who are really behind these obviously self-destructive schemes? It’s not just báizuǒ, white leftists. It’s báizuǒ on China’s payroll.

Communism’s heirs have been waging war on the West for several decades, not by firing bullets or dropping bombs on our cities, but by slowly subverting our culture from within, with the eager help from traitors living among us.

At some point in one’s adult life, one realizes the problem is no longer one of ignorance. It’s not that we don’t know enough, despite all that we don’t yet know. The problem is we’re not doing enough with what we already know.

It’s time for action. It’s time to act.

We, the Reaction, shall unite the conservative forces found everywhere around the world, regardless of race and religion. Together we pack a powerful punch to put an end to globalized communism. And we shall slay the Dragon of Despotism in such a way it may never recover.

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