The Kalergi Plan Confirmed

Yt Genocide Is EU Policy


Since the start of the guest-worker migrations to Northern Europe, around the 1960s, each time war broke loose anywhere in the world, we kept sending the refugees to Europe. What if I told you these mass migrations were all planned? The displacement, replacement, and genetic erasure of Europe’s native populations has always been EU policy.

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What is now called a conspiracy theory—the so-called Kalergi Plan to replace Europeans—was once the newest fashion among the European nobility of the 1920s. It was a plan popularized by the half-Austrian, half-Japanese nobleman Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi.

Kalergi, for short, was the founder of the Pan-European Union, the predecessor to the EU, the man who contributed the blue background to the EU’s present flag, and who hand-picked the EU’s present anthem—Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

Son of a charming Japanese mother, Kalergi also first introduced the idea of a monetary union for Europe. And it was his idea to coin the minting of a European currency, now called the Euro.

As a high-ranking member of the Freemasons, Kalergi had access to Europe’s royal rich. It was Baron Louis de Rothschild who introduced Kalergi to Max Warburg, a Jewish banker who put up 60,000 Deutschmarks to fund the first steps of the Pan-European Union.

The European Union basically is a Jewish-funded project. For 49 years, Kalergi then presided over the Union’s Central Council, and in 1950, he received the first Charlemagne Award for his unifying efforts, a prize also awarded to Germany’s Angela Merkel in 2008.

Say what you want about me, but you cannot deny Mr. Von Coudenhove-Kalergi was extremely influential. This half-Japanese man was the founding father of the European Union. And now that his political and economic dreams have all been realized, perhaps we should be careful to dismiss his racial ideas as something “controversial”.

Kalergi’s racial ideas are being implemented, and have been for over a century, except, we European commonfolk are not supposed to know about it, because it might upset us. Kalergi, for example, wrote extensively about his friends in his 1925 book Practical Idealism.

Let me quote some passages for you:

On page 27 of the first edition, he wrote: “Insofar Europa is Christian, she is Jewish; insofar Europa is moral, she is Jewish. … Nearly the entire European ethic is rooted in Judaism. … In the East, the Chinese people are the ethical par excellence … in the West, the Jewish [people].”

On page 28: “The strength of the Jewish character combined with its mental clarity predestines the Jews … to be the leaders of urban humanity …”

And on page 33, we get to read something we really weren’t supposed to hear about: “The battle between capitalism and communism over the legacy of Europe’s blood nobility … is a battle … between heathen and Christian minds. The generals of both parties [meaning capitalist and communist] were recruited from Europe’s race of spiritual leaders: Jewry.”

On page 50, Kalergi further stresses that Europe’s old feudal nobility has indeed been replaced by this new urban nobility, and on page 51, he confirms that “Judaism is the lap from which Europe’s new spiritual nobility emerges.”

No wonder this book is out of print! You see, this book wasn’t meant to be read by a commoner like me. It was written and intended for Europe’s new nobility.

(By the way—I have a riddle for you: How is it that Kalergi could be so open about Jewish supremacy writing before the Second World War, but after the war all of sudden everything had to be done in secret?)

What Kalergi called the feudal or blood nobility, also called the sword nobility or the fighting nobility, were the old Germanic, Celtic, and Slavic clans that used to control Northern Europe. But they—meaning /our people/—have been defeated by the new urban nobility, namely by playing both sides of the capitalist and communist movements.

At least, Kalergi thought so. Driven by fear, this European nobility embraced the Kalergi Plan, because it saw in the Soviet Union a grave threat. They believed, far-seeing as they were, that European unification was going to be necessary to thwart a Russian invasion and Russia’s subsequent world domination.

Or perhaps both sides—Russia and Europe—were cleverly played, again. Either way, nationalist tendencies within Europe came to be seen as a threat to European stability. It’s the same story we keep hearing today.

In principle, I do support some sort of banner for Europeans to unite themselves under, but it’s not the European Union, this urban-centric, anti-rural dystopia that now threatens to erase native European stock for the sole reason that our urban elites are afraid that our suppressed fighting spirit might one day resurface to overthrow them.

I’m not making that up. Kalergi said so himself on page 54 of his book, namely that “in a more peaceful Europe of the future, the nobility will have to be stripped of its warlike character and have it replaced with a priestly demeanor. A pacified and socialized West will no longer need rulers and masters, only leaders, educators, and examples.”

I would add ‘influencers’ to that list since Instagramsexuals seem to be telling us how to live nowadays. We, old stock Europeans, apparently, have to be pacified by mass immigration, mass miscegenation, and mass media manipulation until the war strain has been bred out of us.

Our complete and total domestication is the end goal. Again, it was Kalergi who said so on page 55: “The races and the classes, as we know them today, will disappear ...”

Kalergi thought the mixed-race of the future was the highest possible ideal for Europeans, so that the Jewish element in this mixture could come to, and I quote, “its fullest development”, as though Jews were a sort of mental race that spreads through physical hosts.

I quote again:

“The European man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of nations, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.” (pp. 22-23)

A diversity of individuals. Aha! Now you know why Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist, is pushing radical individualism so hard. He doesn’t want men of old European stock to unite as feudal clans to fight their urban oppressors. You can see my other video on that topic titled: Family First.

The genetic erasure of Europe’s natives is the European Union’s end game and has been from day one. No wonder big tech and big media are pushing the LGBT cult so hard on white men, while simultaneously promoting mixed-race relationships for white women.

Armies of single immigrant males are supposed to fertilize Europa with their backward ways, and our urban elites seem to think they will be able to educate the mongrels that come from such an act of genocide. I think they may be suffering from a little hubris there.

It is the white man, after all, who represents the potential last line of defense against the genocide of his people. And that is why I made this video. Because I’m sick and tired of these disgusting urban animals in charge of the West nowadays who think they have become my new nobility. They have not.

It is time for us, us men of the West who prefer to live and die by the sword, to start doing something about the urban cancer consuming the Earth. Firstly, by spreading the word, and secondly, by rallying men of European stock into becoming our so-called elites’ worst fucking nightmare.


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