Subliminal Jordan Peterson, Dr. Freudian Slip

52 References Telling You to Die in ‘12 Rules for Life’

Have you read Dr. Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life? It contains some freaky subliminal messaging that tells you to die. At least, I think it may. Peterson literally tells his readers to “die” no less than 52 times.

“In the process, something of himself has to die, or be given up, so he can be reborn and meet the challenge.”

Translation: Your racism, your whiteness, your Western civ, your culture, your fascism–it all has to die, so you can be reborn as the New Man of socialism.

“The poor and stressed always die first and in great numbers.”

Translation: The poor communist masses, due to their sheer population size, always end up starving themselves to death, which is their own fault, but they’ll happily blame the Kulaks, the Germans or the White Middle Class.

“When the aristocracy catches a cold, as it is said, the working class dies of pneumonia.”

Translation: Is that a CVD19 reference? Ho-ho-ho! Maybe if we could get rid of the aristocracy, the working classes would never get sick again.

Well, here is the rest without further comment:

“You are more likely to fall ill, age rapidly, and die young, with few, if any, to mourn.”

“It will leave you far more likely to live, or die carelessly, for a rare opportunity at pleasure, when it manifests itself.”

“Only a minority of people donate organs when they die (and even fewer when they are still alive).”

“It’s the place you end up when things fall apart, when your dreams die, your career collapses, or your marriage ends.”

“In any case, the serpent tells Eve that if she eats the forbidden fruit, she won’t die [but Adam, a man, will].”

“All that complex machinery that protects us from freezing and starving and dying from lack of water tends increasingly toward malfunction through entropy, and it is the only constant attention of careful people that keeps it working so unbelievably well.”

Only loser cats died that way.

They die there.

“And they don’t want to disappear, or transform, or die.”

“If things are not going well for you — well, that might be because, as the most cynical of aphorisms has it, life sucks, and then you die.”

We can die.

“If we did, then we would seek death, and then we would die.”

“We don’t even feel good about dying if it only might happen.”

[citing Eric Harris of the Columbine Massacre] “I will sooner die than betray my own thoughts.

[citing Eric Harris] “If you piss me off, you will die if I see you.”

Her mother died when she was very young.

“She had a better relationship with her father, but he was an addict who died, badly, while she cared for him.”

“He took himself apart, piece by piece, let what was unnecessary and harmful die, and resurrected himself.”

“The future: that’s where you go to die (hopefully, not too soon).”

[citing Eric Harris] “It’s interesting, when I’m in my human form, knowing I’m going to die.”

“This did not mean, absolutely, that a Christian who believed that Christ died on the cross for the salvation of mankind was thereby freed from any and all personal moral obligation.”

“And here we can state with conviction and clarity that even the rational intellect — that faculty so beloved of those who hold traditional wisdom in contempt — is at minimum something closely and necessarily akin to the archetypical dying and eternally resurrected god, the eternal savior of mankind, the Logos itself.”

“If it cannot manifest in its behavior what the environment demands while doing so, it will simply die.”

“We can, in Popper’s formulation, let our ideas die in our stead.”

“Sometimes, that impulsion (possession is another word) can be so strong that the person will die, rather than allowing the idea to perish.”

“This is, generally speaking, a bad decision, given that it is often the case that only the idea need die, and that person with the idea can stop being its avatar, change his or her ways, and continue.”

“Rich people will divorce each other, and alienate themselves from their children, and suffer from existential angst, and develop cancer and dementia, and die alone and unloved.”

“How was it that so many tens of millions had to die, sacrificed to the new dogmas and ideologies?”

“One of the major contributions of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s masterwork, The Gulag Archipelago, was his analysis of the direct causal relationship between the pathology of the Soviet prison-work-camp dependent state (where millions suffered and died) and the almost universal proclivity of the Soviet citizen to falsify his own day-to-day personal experience, deny his own state-induced suffering, and thereby prop up the dictates of the rational, ideology-possessed communist system.”

“I saw the family of that same woman come together in a supporting and sustaining manner as she lay dying, and gain newfound connections with each other — brother, sisters, grandchildren and father — as partial but genuine compensation for their loss.”

“But the promised utopia never emerged. Instead humanity experienced the inferno of Stalinist Russia and Mao’s China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and the citizens of those states were required to betray their own experience, turn against their fellow citizens, and die in the tens of millions.”

An American dies and goes to hell.

In consequence, He died and was reborn.

“Without attention, culture degenerates and dies, and evil prevails.”

“It will keep your soul from withering and dying while you encounter the inevitable tragedy of life.”

We let him die in the fictional world, so that we don’t have to really die in the present.”

“For much of history, such willingness to die has been regarded as something admirable and courageous, as part of human duty.”

“You’re stuck in a marriage like the two proverbial cats in a barrel, bound by the oath that lasts in theory until one or both of you die.”

Living things die, after all, without attention.”

“What did her husband gain, for his part, when his sex life at home died?”

“If you wake up in pain, you might be dying.”

You might be dying slowly and terribly from one of a diverse number of painful, horrible diseases.”

“You make it possible to live with them and use them without dying from that complexity, with its attendant uncertainty and anxiety.”

Tens of millions of people died.

[this is the plan for the white middle classes of the West] “The kulaks who didn’t die were exiled to Siberia, often in the middle of the night.”

Six million people died of starvation in the Ukraine, the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, in the 1930s.”

“In consequence, in the 1980s, the franchise nearly died.”

“In many cases, they literally died for it — and we should act with some respect for that fact.”

“I have seen people immensely strengthen their remaining family bonds when someone close to them has died.”

Ok, Dr. Freudian Slip. I get it. You want me to die. Fuck you.

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