Race War in South Africa

The Canary in the Coalmine


Confronted with an enemy who strikes like a flood, we shall seek higher grounds. Through patience, we shall overturn the tides.

What is happening in South Africa today should be a grave warning, but a warned man still counts for two. And though our communist friends in media deliberately look the other way, for journalists can barely hide their gloating over the destruction of middle-class white society, the attacks on Western civilization must never force us to bow to down savagery nor take the knee to honor the ingrateful. Rather, these attacks on our peoples compel us to look up and ahead.

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Quo vadis, Western man? Where are you going next?

South Africa has proven to be a canary in the coal mine. What are the lessons we can learn from the Afrikaner nation’s collapse? After all, white Afrikaners built their nation for themselves, and yet, they now find that they are driven out by a black mob ruled by an invisible communist hand. Will Australia be next? What about Canada? The USA? Europe? Will the outcome of mass immigration always mean that the more economically productive, and artistically creative minority is driven out of its homelands, replaced by savages?

The good men of the West have been too distracted trying to keep their societies operating functionally while the mentally ill among our own ranks have used the opportunity to seize political power. This Enemy Within wants to overthrow the Old Order that puts the strong in charge. Driven by revenge fantasies fueled by their own weaknesses, the Left are targeting the middle classes by burning down our neighborhoods. Our roads and farms, our factories, the way we distribute food, clothing, and other goods and services—all of it must melt down to be ‘built back better’. All of it.

The New Marxists in charge of media and education even hate the way we build our homes. We should rather dwell in pods, or in multi-family homes sharing a kitchen and a living room with random others so that diversity can be enforced by the ballot committee, the end game being the total racial miscegenation and the abolition of all white peoples around the globe. They hate us not for the color of our skin, mind you, but for our ability to think for ourselves, our staunch resistance against a rule-based order when the rules make no sense.

The rising tide of color against white world dominance does not despise Western men for having been bad but for having been too good for too long. Unable to overthrow us with skill, they go low and seek to undermine our emotional and spiritual lives through a distortion of our art, and of our public domain, primarily through the incessant warfare waged against children’s minds, using children's shows, toys, and the school curriculum as weapons of choice against our future.

You see, a globalist system can only "work" as long as there are no alternatives left to escape to. The existence of even a single white community somewhere atop the hills, still willing to brave its own destiny, endangers the survival of the global left-wing conspiracy against humanity. It is for this reason that globalists dream of implanting people with Elon Musk’s Neuralink chips. They want to upgrade even the dumbest man to a high-functioning lawyer or lab technician. But such a man shall have no understanding of either himself or of the world at large.

This Homo Domesticus, domesticated man, shall truly be a cog in the wheel, a lever pulled by his master's voice. And in the rare case such a barked-down creature dares to question his lowly fate, his masters may, at once, shut down his artificial intellect. In a highly connected world in which the collective human mind has fused with the internet, even thinking the wrong thoughts may win you an instant fine for wrong-think, that is, if your mind hasn’t yet been shut down altogether.

Rewarded with social credits for work he does not understand, this Homo Roboticus must dwell in the netherworld of a self-anointing elite who’ve centralized all human decision-making into the hands of a self-congratulating few.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. Judging from the fear globalists express at the mere sighting of rural middle-class white men, it proves there is something they know about us that we are about to re-discover. Namely, that it will only take a small but determined band of Western men to pull the plug from under technocratic rule.

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