One Europe for All?

The Growing Moral Schism between East and West


Great Britain has officially left the European Union, and Switzerland, shortly thereafter, definitively refused to join this communist experiment. But those aren’t the only signs of the EU’s impending collapse. Many Central and Eastern European nations, and this includes former empires such as Austria and Athens, refused to support the EU bureaucrats’ call to punish Hungary for a law its President Viktor Orbán passed, namely a law banning children from being taught about pedophilia, gender surgery, and other deviancies, at least before the age of eighteen.

Hungary believes childrens’ parents are the sole educators on matters of sexuality, not classroom communists. Unsurprisingly, it was Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte who most fiercely attacked Orbán, claiming “we all had tears in our eyes” when Western European leaders confronted Hungary in the Brussels parliament. Crocodile tears, of course, for when Mark Rutte was a student studying history in the city of Leiden, he was known to argue for the legalization of pedophilia, and worse. “Why not?” is the liberal answer to everything.

If The Netherlands is now the world’s Sodom, Eastern Europe has no interest in becoming its Gomorrah. Hungary and Poland, for example, still happily cling to a Catholic interpretation of life, and the EU bureacrats are absolutely powerless to do anything about it. That is because the EU legal charter specifically allows for member states to interpret and teach sexuality each their own way. And although no one in Europe wanted to expell Hungary from the EU for its refusal to indoctrinate children, Western media somehow felt the need to explain its leftish audience why, legally speaking, the EU couldn’t expell Hungary anyway.

The row over children’s clownfish rights then exploded right during UEFA’s 2020 Eurocup Soccer when a gay Germany lit up but almost lost to the straight-shooting Hungarian Mannschaft, while later ignoring the brutal slaughter of three white women by a Somali immigrant in favor of donning a rainbow-colored armband to commemorate sexual progress, rather than wearing a black armband to mourn the victims. After a homogenously white soccer team from the Czech Republic humiliated an oh so multicultural The Netherlands, media asked Czech prime minister, Milos Zeman, about his opinion on the human centipede question. He called them “disgusting”, mentally ill, and engaged in acts of self-mutilation.

You see, people with healthy beliefs instantly recognize that clownfish who remove their genitals are mentally ill. How else do you grow to hate your own body?

Either way, now that Hungary and Czech Republic drew their lines in the sand against the sickness of the West, Slovenian premier Janez Jansa couldn’t stay behind. At a meeting with the EU’s chief rabbi Frans Timmermans, Jansa took aim at several newly appointed Slovenian judges who had been backed by the EU in order to push for more communism in Slovenia. The premier wanted nothing of it. Rabbi Timmermans then refused to have his picture taken with Jansa, even though, for the next six months, Slovenia will preside the EU.

It was a hat-trick then, three goals for Eastern Europe, nil for the West. I am delighted to see this rebellious Eastern Europe eager to prove they can stand up to the failing Western order and get away with it. Is the balance of power perhaps shifting? As true conservatives, Eastern Europeans once joined the EU in order to preserve Europe’s Christian culture, and its native peoples, not to pursue the Hooton Plan that aimed to “breed the war strain” out of the Europeans.

Easterners, though still comparatively poor, won’t stand by passively while Western lunatics are aggressively pushing the clownfish ideology onto their children. What makes the West think its Satanic morals should now, somehow, become the global standard? When did this begin? And who are behind it? More importantly, why are Western elites so afraid of white Christians?

The Netherlands, where I was born, has long succumbed to a suicidal cult. People in power here deliberately want to sabotage children in order to prevent them now from ever having healthy offspring in the future. It makes no sense, unless your end game is to erase the native population, neuter the males, and miscegenate the remaining women with immigrants to create a “man of the future”. Oh, wait, that is the EU’s end game!

But Eastern Europe is not interested. Why, then, you may ask, did Eastern European nations ever bother to join such a morally declining and dying West? Well, the answer is: to take over. And I don’t blame them. The West may be filthy rich, or at least appear to be so on paper, it certainly has lost its mind, as well as its status in the eyes of the world. No one fears Europe anymore. A bunch of rainbow-clad clowfish surely don’t threaten the Chinese. It turns out money doesn’t buy power, but it does buy you classroom propaganda.

Western European “elites” are no longer an aristocracy. They are no longer the best at anything. All they have left to do now is to uphold some sort of narrative that makes themselves look progressive while the world around them is collapsing. Western media are engaged in what is called ‘perception management’. It matters not what is true. All that matters is what media can make people believe is true. Western Europe, today, is a sick old dog waiting to be put down to prevent it from starving.

The two halves of Europe, East and West, do not form a whole. If the European Union continues to be dominated by Germany, France, and The Netherlands (the latter undeservingly taking the place of Great Britain since Brexit), then all of Europe’s children may succumb to an agenda that seeks to erase our lineages for good. The New World Order means to put women of color in charge of the world.

And for that reason, I argue, European culture and its people, or what’s left of it, can only be “saved”, quote-unquote, by sacrificing the West. We, the last men of the West, must do all we can to defend the East. It is in Eastern Europe where the resistance begins.

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