Never Forget: The Media Did 9/11


Today is the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City. Many people born since that day will only know of the event as historical. And though many more who lived through the deception no longer believe the official narrative, few people have a clue what really happened.

I could give you the names of some of the high-ranking conspirators who perpetrated 9/11. I could tell you they were former Secretaries of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Condoleeza Rice, owner of the Twin Towers, Larry Silverstein, and on the Israeli side, former Mossad agents Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu, the later premier, and former deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz.

I could tell you the conspirators publicly organized themselves behind PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, or that the Bush family was deeply involved, but that we must consider George W. Bush a puppet cast for his Christian family appeal rather than for his involvement, let alone for his intellect.

Before I explain more about motive, let me shed a light on how it was done. German journalist Gerhard Wisnewski seems to have been the first who put the missing pieces together in his book Operation 9/11, so here’s a summary added with my own insights:

No civilian planes ever hit the Twin Towers. What you saw on TV was computer-generated imagery to make it look like planes hit the Towers, thereby causing the explosions. The explosions were real, but the planes were not. Most of the fake footage was produced by MIT’s own Media Lab, at the time the most advanced cgi facility.

Some of the videos you’ve seen were staged by secret service actors dressed as firefighters and police officers (such as this one). Other civilian home videos were hunted down by secret police, and some were coerced into redubbing their footage to fit the ‘correct’ narrative.

Actual planes did take off from JFK and other airports but were rerouted hundreds of miles to the west of New York City. Under normal circumstances, hijacked planes should have been intercepted by fighter jets, as has happened over a hundred times before. On 9/11, however, drones intercepted the aircraft.

The conspirators directing the attacks from somewhere within the United States managed to switch over the transponder signals from the civilian airliners to the drones in mid-air, suggesting the drones turned on preprogrammed devices while those of the civilian planes were switched off. Two drones then continued en route to Manhattan, and possibly two missiles or smaller drones set course for the Pentagon and the White House.

The four passenger planes, each carrying around fifty passengers, landed at various airports nearby. Flight United Airlines 175, for example, which was supposed to have hit the North Tower, actually landed at Cleveland airport. The American FAA, the Federal Aviation Authority, listed flights UA 175 and UA 93 as “active duty” aircraft until September 28th, 2005. Only when conspiracy theorists began writing the FAA asking about these planes did the FAA change the planes’ status from “active duty” to “canceled”--but not to “destroyed” as is customary if planes have crashed.

In other words, the FAA’s actions suggest both these planes kept operating regular flights around the USA, even after 2005, and were never destroyed, proving the drone theory is right. No planes ever hit the Towers.

The passengers aboard these planes were mostly government employees who had volunteered to participate in a military exercise, which indeed took place that day, as civilian and military branches coincidentally staged a mock terrorist attack that very morning. That means it’s possible some of the families left behind were also in on the conspiracy, but others were not.

The military exercise certainly added greatly to the confusion among air traffic control employees who couldn’t tell the difference between their exercise and the ongoing terror attack.

Secret servicemen ushered the disembarked passengers into hangars, where some were ordered to record fake phone calls to family and friends just before the drones hit any of their targets. Problem is, in 2001, consumer cell phones couldn’t have had a working connection at such altitudes. The cell-phone calls were all staged on the ground, but so were several phone calls from stewards and stewardesses.

Although the FBI found some of the alleged Muslim attackers’ passports among the burning rubble, no passengers’ bodies were ever found. The conspirators murdered them elsewhere and families buried empty casqets.

The drones that allegedly hit the Twin Towers should have disintegrated upon impact. Considering the impossibility of timing an explosion to the exact moment of an airplane’s high-speed impact, I say not even the drones hit the towers. Nothing hit the towers. The drones flew over their intended targets and then switched off the transponders to disappear from the radar, merely suggesting an impact.

Without a doubt, the buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition. When owner Larry Silverstein purchased the Twin Towers, he was legally required to strip each floor of the asbestos that had been used during construction. This was going to be a very costly operation but now also served as a perfect cover for rigging the buildings with explosives. During the weeks before the attacks, secret servicemen posing as construction workers were heard using heavy machinery, preparing every floor and every column of the buildings for their demolition.

As firefighters and others on the ground consistently reported, the first explosions heard came from the Twin Towers’ basements, several seconds before the planes supposedly hit, i.e., before the main explosions up top went off. These basement explosions are the reason why hardly 15% of the buildings’ mass was ever retrieved from the site after their collapse. The new Freedom Tower was, in fact, built right on top of where much of the older buildings’ rubble still lies buried today, signaling the victory of Zionism over Heritage America.

Owner Larry Silverstein can be heard spilling too much of the beans when he admitted on live television that they also decided to “pull” World Trade Center 7.

A day of fun for him, but to the victims of 9/11, the event was a literal Holocaust. In Italian, the word holocausto means: “burnt offering”, and I say it in reference to the innocent souls trapped on the upper floors of the towers whose bodies melted alive as the buildings went up in abnormally hellish flames. These men and women were sacrificed to Moloch to secure a future for U.S. Empire, for Greater Israel, and for Saudi Arabia.

Several interests were served here, and it would be wrong to suggest Israel alone benefited from the War on Terror, though in hindsight, the State of Israel gained the most from the 9/11 attacks, whereas the United States ended up drawing the short straw. Twenty years later, Afghanistan has fallen back into Taliban hands, Syria’s Assad allied with Russia to beat the U.S. Army, and China is even better equipped to win the global power game.

The War on Terror was sold to the general public as a nation-building exercise. We were going to bring democracy and women’s rights to rogue states. In reality, the U.S. did everything it could to topple democratically elected leaders and replace them with loyal dictators. Regime change had nothing to do with bringing the vote to the poor and the oppressed.

All 9/11 did was provide U.S. Congress with an excuse to funnel trillions of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to the Pentagon’s warmachine. Not some high-brow, low-IQ camel herders from Torah Borah, but Zionists in high places did 9/11, and they got away with it without even so much as a parking ticket.

Colluding with foreign actors to stage a terrorist attack on one’s own soil is called treason, yet we find the most treasonous elements that made 9/11 possible among those who weren’t even part of the conspiracy, namely: mainstream journalists.

The majority of our news analysts never even bothered to question the official narrative, while eagerly mocking and humiliating the truth movement. Guys like Wolf Blitzer, idiots without a heart or a brain, greedily sold us the Lie.

Without such silent complicity of tens of thousands of so-called journalists in the West, the 9/11 conspirators could never have pulled it off. We must, therefore, above all, incriminate the media, for if the mainstream media lied to us about 9/11, they lied about everything.

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