'Environmental Concerns' as a Proxy for Power Politics?

Enemies of the USA Were Using Bitcoin to Buy Tesla Cars, and the State Nudged CEO Musk to Stop It

Sanctions imposed by the United States prevent Iran and Russia from selling their massive oil supplies to Europe, India, or China. But since America’s enemies can also burn these fuels at home to generate electricity for Bitcoin miners, they can evade the sanctions and even sell their crypto for goods and services abroad, such as Tesla cars.

Cars which can then be sold on the second-hand market for dollars. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk began accepting Bitcoin for car payments in February 2021 but has now suspended the payment method, lyingly citing “environmental concerns”. Those environmental concerns are: Iran, Russia, and China, along with the fossil fuels they can burn to generate electricity for cryptocurrency miners.

A more legitimate reason for Tesla’s withdrawal from Bitcoin would be: the West cannot compete with the East on fossil fuels.

Hey, at least U.S. authorities don’t kidnap billionaires the way the communist party does in China. American intelligence services have more refined ways of getting the rich and powerful to see things their way. Musk wouldn’t want to see the SEC continue its investigation, would he?

And who’s to say Musk’s dogecoin nonsense wasn’t a psy-op to prime viewers about the inherent stupidity of proof-of-work coins? If Bitcoin now means the enemies of the West can burn fossils to buy cars and real estate in the USA, they whole technology will have to be banned. It only that proves how powerful cryptocurrency tech has become.

It also begs the question whether Vitalik Buterin’s decision to switch ethereum to a proof-of-stake system came from U. S. government intervention. Ethereum being the closest thing to replacing the global financial system, it is unlikely the USA hasn’t already bought Buterin.

Switching to proof-of-stake won’t just be “better for the environment”. In a proof-of-stake setup, U.S. authorities can own most ether (by decree), making ethereum a centralized financial settlement system governed by the Federal Reserve. The Fed would have the power to censor any and all transactions taking place on ‘its’ platform.

Imagine it this way. Once Western economies have switched to renewables, the U.S. Army could safely bomb the oil supplies in Iran and Russia, and force such nations into submission.

So, consider Buterin and Musk the same way we consider bought politicians. They are puppets, not the puppet masters (who have nukes). Don’t be surprised when the U.S. government will, at some point, find a way to criminalize Bitcoin and other fossil proof-of-work systems. Maybe cabal-insider and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will lead the push for Bitcoin proof-of-stake?

In any case, the U.S. leadership will want to control a financial system based on U.S. military dominance (proof-of-stake) rather than on low-cost energy (China, Russia, Iran).It’s got nothing to do with the environment. “Environmental concerns” are the excuse, power is the motive. It’s all a show, and Bitcoiners have the front-row seats. For now.

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