Einstein Made It All Up

E Equals Material Communism Squared

How many of you know that Einstein’s famous formula E=mc² is actually an unproven assumption still, not fact? That Einstein didn’t think of the formula himself, but materialists did long ago? That the formula echoes a certain political doctrine, i.e., a belief system?

Marxist materialists believe everything in the universe is matter in motion accelerating toward utopia. Einstein echoed that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

Let’s compare the two doctrines:

E = energy = everything
m = mass = matter
c = the speed of light = motion
² = accelerates toward an end = accelerates toward utopia

Everything is matter in motion accelerating toward utopia.

Energy is mass accelerating toward the end.

The fraud comes to light when we realize ‘c’, the speed of light, is a measure of distance by time. But what is time? Is time a particle? Is time a substance? Is time material? No! Time is none of the above. Time is a trait of the mental but not of the material reality. And therefore, the existence of time denies everything is matter. If there is time, then not everything is matter. If time is not material, then what is the motion that requires there to be time? It is not material, either. And if time and motion are not material, but mental qualities, then what is the space through which motions flow? You guessed it. Space is a mental fiction as much as time and motion are.

Time, space, and motion are traits of the spiritual and not of the material world. Materialism is a false doctrine that denies the spiritual reality it itself relies on.

Albert Einstein was a materialist who set out to prove marxism’s premise was ‘scientific’ and, therefore, objectively true, universally applicable, and unchanging. He went looking for observations that fit the bill. He found some, but still he did not prove the formula right — he proved only that there can be found observations that fit the hypothesis. Einstein reverse-engineered a proof without proving anything.

Einstein wasn’t a genius. He was a fraud.

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