Infertility Cults and Survivalist Movements


At the peak of the colonial age, members of the white races ballooned to around 50% of the total human population. Now, down to less than 8% worldwide, mass immigration is rapidly making whites minorities everywhere, even in Europe. Living on the brink of possible extinction, one cannot deny that white people are flocking to whatever cult they think may secure their survival — even if some offer a sure ticket to oblivion.

I began noticing the do-it-yourself videos of city folks moving to the woods of Canada popping up in my YouTube recommendations. These videos draw in audiences in the tens of millions. The apparent market for (re-)acquiring long-forgotten nordic survival skills is intense. White people seem to be dreaming of fleeing urban life in droves to build themselves Viking longhouses, learn the art of hunting deer, even bringing their kids along to try and survive a winter hurricane.

Why do they do it? Why do, for example, movies like Star Wars or Avatar find such stupidly loyal followings among single white men? The more I think about this and other forms of white escapism, the more I realize whites are subconsciously scrambling to eke out new niches, new habitats here and there, as though they are collectively aware modern Western civilization’s days are counted, and that non-white immigrants coming to the West today will soon be left holding empty bags.

Infertility Cults

It’s not just about building cabins in the highlands of Scotland or raising cattle in Sweden. There are certain cults white people are flocking to that will lead to their guaranteed extinction. These include the lgbt movement, veganism, and the child-free lifestyle, for example. The existence of such cults betrays a lack of meaning found in established Western societies. These “infertility cults” then draw in millions of followers in exchange for the (false) promise of salvation.

The people joining infertility cults may have had low self-esteem to begin with, e.g., the lowest-ranking people in white social hierarchies, but they’re not yet ready to commit suicide. Instead, they prefer to entertain the self-delusion ‘things will be fine’ a while longer and take the slow road to death. People in these movements deny themselves perfectly healthy things such as animal protein, healthy relations with the opposite sex, or establishing a supportive family.

Veganism, for example, is a plain and simple death cult. It depletes one’s sex drive and makes one infertile. Even cows and horses will eat an occasional frog or chick hiding in the tall grass. Human babies cannot survive on a strictly plant-based diet. Normally, a baby should receive all of the animal protein it needs from the mother’s milk, but since vegan mothers tend not to have the health to produce any milk, vegan babies start dropping like flies.

Vegans are in the process of committing slow suicide together. They almost certainly won’t have offspring living in the year 2100. Veganism isn’t that different from anorexia, the refusal to eat.

Similarly, the sexually defective members of various lgbt movements aren’t going to have kids either. They seem to be stuck waiting for some kind of appreciation for their personalities, yet it somehow eludes them their naturally repulsive way of life makes it practically impossible for ‘normies’ to come around and love them.

Survivalist Movements

Then, there are more productive movements that center around a return to traditional (and primitive) lifestyles, such as traditional religious movements, conservative reactionaries, heathen clubs, other rural-centric cults, and even the carnivorous lifestyle of the Mesolithic hunters.

Before agriculture arrived to Europe, most humanoids such as European Neanderthals or the Cro Magnon use to live on a diet consisting of anywhere between 80% to 98% of meat. Europeans’ distant ancestors used to hunt and kill on a daily basis (as other tribes around the world still do). Although fire was available to early European man, a lot of meat would have to be eaten raw. One can’t always stop to start a fire. There is a risk of drawing the attention of predators competing for food, including other humans.

It makes sense, though, when faced with the possibility of civilizational collapse, for some Europeans to turn to hunting and gathering cults. Unlike a vegan diet, a carnivorous one actually makes men strong and potent and women fat and fertile. Though the European (or any) landscape certainly can’t sustain large number of hunters, people living on a diet consisting of mostly meat, milk, and eggs (plus condiments) will still be able to have families.

Quo Vadis?

I’m not here to promote raw meat fantasies. For now, white people will go with the flow, and modern civilization hasn’t exactly died out yet. But it might.

I meant to point out that white people really are flocking to all sorts of movements outside of the urban societies they once built. Take the capital of Norway, for example. Oslo has seen tremendous immigration from non-white countries in recent years. Yet, at the same time, Oslo has also registered never before seen numbers of white families exchanging their city apartments for a home in the countryside.

Whites really have begun to abandon their urban societies. Immigrants still thinking of coming to the West should ponder why.

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