Call for a New White Nobility

(Our Teutoburg)


Western civilization, spiritually and racially speaking, reached its pinnacle around the 1870s. That’s almost 150 years back. The seeds of our modern age—telephones, photography, the headphone jack, and consumer cars—had just been invented. This was the age of Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelungs, of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, and the beginning of the German Empire, the Second Reich.

In that same decade, however, everything came crashing down. The Industrial Age that had uprooted millions of rural families looking for a better life in the new bustling cities proved an illusion. It was the Panic of 1873, following the collapse of the Viennese Stock Market in May of that year, which set in motion the events leading up to the First and Second World Wars.

Earlier that century, in 1806, the Holy Roman Empire had been dissolved, i.e., the First Reich, a deeply religious Catholic empire ruled by a feudal Germanic backbone stretching across Central Europe from Southern Denmark to Northern Italy. Now, a small but cunning financial clique had bankrupted Europe. The colonial powers in the West, such as France, Britain, and Spain, won great riches overseas and wrestled themselves free from Germanic feudalism.

By the late nineteenth century, French socialists had won the culture war, and governments around the West began playing to the new tune of scientific atheism, for the age of machines and computers had started. Laborers across the world saw their demand diminish as machines took over, a trend that still continues into our time as robots and algorithms are filling ever more job openings.

At least Western Europe’s populations still kept growing in absolute numbers until around the year 1990 when most of Western Europe’s native populations began stalling in absolute numbers and have since seen a slow but steady decline. Quality of life has panned out. The struggle for life is noticeably worsening; the loss of our freedoms is casually mentioned on the daily news.

The financial implosion of nineteenth-century Europe ultimately gave birth to the United States as the global superpower, and for some time, Americans proudly carried on the European soul. But the U.S., too, today, is falling for the same scams that killed Europe before, namely: mass immigration of rural peoples into the cities, mass exploitation of said peoples, and the inevitable financial rug-pulling as soon as another banking elite decides the time is right.

Ordinary people have been bred for the slaughterhouse. There is no chivalric white nobility left, so to speak, no self-respecting class of whites in leading positions willing to brave uncertainty and doubt. There seem to be no higher-ups willing to win victories for the people. There is only the sort of misfits left with billions of dollars to spend on their personal reigns of terror.

I presume the people in power of Western media and politics are handing down the abuse they themselves suffered as children, now taking it out on society at large. The speed at which they brought the communist dystopia online says two things: 1. The new totalitarians had been planning to cancel our freedoms for decades if not centuries in advance, and 2. Most of the technology used to control the herd is Made in China.

You see, we are still living with the consequences of what happened in Vienna in 1873. For almost 150 years, white people have had no faith in themselves, only in money and technology. If we do nothing, China is going to win the war on the West, not by firing a single shot but by buying us out, by bribing the traitors who presently pose as our leaders, by making deals with our depressed ruling classes.

Western peoples are at risk of being put up for sale to Chinese bidders. How much Chinese yuan do we get for the Eiffel Tower? How much for the Akropolis? How much is our nation worth to your investors?

Having effectively lost the Cold War and the Gulf Wars and the War on Terror and the Afghan War, and basically every war the U.S. ever started, there is no reason to suggest our once honorable elites have any shot at winning a Great War against the East. It goes against their financial interests. And so, our so-called elites go against their own peoples.

As we are waking up to what life under global communism means—extreme control and humiliation—what choice do we have but to think of rebellion? Perhaps what our elites couldn’t do, we the people can do. This point in history is what I call Our Teutoburg, our Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, that time when ordinary men, workers, and peasants rise to meet the world’s largest army in the forests of Eurasia.

Our rich and powerful have turned traitors. When the next stock market crash comes, they are going to grab all the money they can, dumping the majority of us in poverty. Our new communist overlords shall step out from behind the curtains and openly declare themselves masters of the world.

And then, when the snake believes it has subdued the men of Europa, our peoples shall bring forth a Siegfried, a leader who shall unite the peoples of the West, a man who shall father a New White Nobility, and secure a future for our children.

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