The Problem with Banksy’s Communist Artvertising (It’s Unoriginal)

The phenomenon known as “Banksy” is certainly not some genius British individual working from the sewers, trying to make the world a better place. Banksy is a rather dumb communist art collective, well-funded by people in power, supported by media insiders, and likely headquartered in London, with a distinctly communist signature.

The Brand and Its Beliefs

Banksy is a brand. In Russian, the name would imply “a person of Bank”, the same way Trotsky was a person of Trok. Considering Banksy’s British themes, Banksy may simply refer to a place: Bank Station, London (near the Bank of England, an understandable target of Banksy’s contempt). So, perhaps Bank is where it all began.

Regardless, seeing that Banksy echoes Trotsky in name, Banksy art amounts to no more than regurgitations of Soviet-era slogans repeated over and over: men are badwomen are oppressed (by men), and minorities are poor (because of men), Christianity is poison, but atheism is the curegay is goodimmigrants are cool, and anarchists are right.

In short, Banksy is antifa. The group behind the Banksy meme are racist toward white people, especially toward white men. They hate Christianity, specifically Catholicism. Their art only mocks (white) women if they’re Christian, such as Mother Theresa, the Holy Mary, or the British Queen. In every other case, women are depicted as innocent victims.

The Banksy art collective embraces Palestinian victims and despises Zionist oppression. That doesn’t mean they’re anti-Semites themselves. It probably means they are a different faction of Jews, namely Jewish Marxists (of the diaspora). The group chose graffiti as their style because it is public, attracts censorship, yet can easily be found out by the media.

The Banksy group aren’t on their own, though. In fact, if it weren’t for their willing henchmen in media — paid journalists who pretend each Banksy “find” is another genius work of artistic rebellion against inequality and oppression — no one among the general public would have ever cared about the group’s pseudo-Soviet crap.

The Art: Unoriginal, Repetitive, and Uninspiring

Let’s break down Banksy’s art one theme at a time, and decode its messages.

“Christianity Poisons Babies But Communism is Cool”

Lenin on rollerskates is cool. You won’t find many Banksy artworks depicting men in a positive light unless they are communists or anarchists “fighting the system”. Banksy considers Christianity, like all religions, poison. The group wants to liberate people by … making everyone an atheist. This has been tried before. Atheism was the central tenet of Soviet state propaganda.

But the Russian people weren’t very receptive, at first. Only until after Stalin began deporting farmers from their homesteads into collectivized farms did their religious spirit begin to wane. And that’s a promising outlook for us, isn’t it? For how does the Banksy collective imagine to make people atheist? Well, deportations…

“Men Are Stupid Authoritarians, Especially White Men”

In Banksy’s art, men who are not feminist allies or anarchists are invariably depicted as evil authoritarians, abusing their muscle to oppress women and girls. All for no reason, of course. Because that’s how men are. Banksy never depicts men as defenders, laborers, providers, or protectors who sacrifice themselves for their society and their families.

No. To Banksy, men are always idiots, fools, morons, and as evil, angry, oppressors. Banksy art carries the hallmark of a disgruntled ex-wife who keeps telling the kids how bad daddy used to be. “And you know what daddy did next? He forgot to flush the toilet. Ugh, men!”

Logically, considering Banksy’s hatred of men, a central theme in its art is to ridicule men’s masculine qualities. The repetitiveness of this theme serves an obvious purpose. It’s propaganda. It’s no different from the mainstream media’s repetitive “White Men Are Stupid in Commercials” meme (see for examples). It means to de-legitimize men in power, especially white men.

“The Only Good Men Are Gay Men”

If men could just be more like women, the world would be a better place, right? If you wonder where such beliefs originally came from, see the Soviet-feminist novel What Is To Be Done? by Nikolai Chernyshevsky, or the book The Dialectic of Sex by second-wave feminist leader Shulamith Firestone.

Such works are not well-known among the Western public, but the general gist is this: men, maleness, and masculinity ought to be deconstructed. Women should no longer marry men but live alone. Even if women have children with men, the family ought to be broken up into self-secluded cells, far away from one another.

Women shouldn’t be burdened with household jobs — that’s what men and household robots are for. Women shouldn’t be burdened by pregnancies — that’s what plastic surrogate wombs in incubation facilities are for. Really, this is what radical feminists want.

The feminist end-game is to destroy and erase the very notion of a biological family unit, which they deem “fascist”. Well, they’re probably right! The word fascist comes from fasci, an Italian word for bundles, and I suppose a family is a bundle of joy.

(If you want to flip off leftists, always refer to your friends and family as bundles of joy. Then watch them die inside.)

“Women Are Oppressed Little Girls”

If only men wouldn’t get in the way of women, all little girls would find the love they wanted. Girls and women, in Banksy’s art, are unidimensionally depicted as weak innocent victims of male oppression, as refugees from male aggression. Women better turn their backs to their own men and side with immigrants and refugees.

“Zionists, Catholics and Christians Are Dumb Thugs”

As mentioned before, the only ‘bad’ women are Christian, Catholic or Zionist women — conspiring with men against their own children. Banksy thinks so. I might not like Zionists myself, and I might deem Catholicism too strict for a healthy European morality, nor do I think Christianity is going to save us.

But to Banksy, Zionists, Christians, and Catholics are the three mortal enemies of all that is good (i.e., all that is feminine). To Banksy, the British Queen and Winston Churchill are part of a vast Jewish conspiracy against … Progress herself.

“Rats (Non-White Immigrants) Are Really Saints”

The rats, the reds are coming!

Jews and immigrants are rats. At least, that’s how the Nazis depicted them. German propaganda frequently depicted non-white immigrants (and communist Jews) as urban sewer rats, such as in the film The Eternal Jew. Banksy turns the Nazi-meme on its head and makes rats look cool and welcome -including rats like Steve Jobs.

The fact the rat plays such a role in so many of Banksy’s artworks is the most conclusive evidence that Banksy is indeed a Jewish-Marxist collective.

Banksy then extends this rat theme to include African migrants, whom he depicts as monkeys and chimps, a theme borrowed from The Planet of the Apes (which is supposed to be a “clever exposé” of white men’s fear that, someday, Negroes will take over their societies). Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge!

“It’s Just One Guy!”

I must conclude that Banksy’s art is dumb. It is unoriginal, uninspiring, and repetitive, for it borrowed all of its themes from classical Trotskyite Marxism, and echoes these themes over and over again. This brand of communist propaganda has been around for over a hundred years. Get with the times, man.

How could Banksy’s art even begin to be original and inspiring if most of its messaging is negativistic and plain ugly? Banksy art is pessimist art, for it keeps repeating that women are weak victims, men are evil, and immigrants are chimps and rats. There are no positive ideals to be found among Banksy’s collectivist graffiti.

And finally, despite that the Banksy collective wants to come off as “anti-fascist”, it is actually a bundle of people working together, which, technically speaking, is fascist. That’s probably the reason why Banksy and their media supporters want you to believe it’s just one guy. And it had to be a guy because if they said Banksy were a girl, no one would believe them.

And that proves Banksy’s point. Sort of.

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