An Empire of Ethnostates


What shall happen to the Europeans when their economies collapse, their societies implode, and their Christian civilization comes to an end? The strong, the brave, and the willing shall have to conquer new life, and it shall have to come at the world’s expense. We shall build not one ethnostate but an empire of ethnostates.

Ninety-seven years ago, one German author wrote,

“The animal in man is creeping nearer. Africa is drowning Europe in darkness. It’s up to us to be the guardians at the flood of values.”

Then, one day Europeans woke up, and they were told they’re no longer German or Italian, or Swedes or Spaniards, but citizens of the European Union that was built on top of their many little nations. The Brussels bureaucrats who greenlit this change did so largely without the consent of the European peoples, since very few voted for this all-encompassing project, and even fewer understood what they were voting for.

At first, the bureaucrats sold the EU to us as an Economic Union, as a way to co-operate with one another in order to stay competitive in a hostile world. But they lied. The European Union turned out to be more than just a financial enterprise. It turns out to have become a socialist empire founded by a clique of people hailing from the worst branches of communism, many of a biologically alien stock.

The true reason for Europe’s conversion from nation states to empire was given by one of these alien technocrats, Guy Verhofstadt, possible the most crooked man on earth. He said, well, we are living in a world today, that is a world of empires, and therefore, Europe must become an empire, too.

A European Empire?

The spoken part of this statement is true. It’s true that China and its satellite states form a sort of empire. We know that the African nations are rapidly joining under one African banner, and we also have the Organization of Islamic Nations at our doorstep, including the rich oil-producing countries of the Middle East, that together form a crescent surrounding the European continent as if they were preparing for a military invasion.

But the other, unspoken part of Verhofstadt’s claim isn’t true. Firstly, the logical fallacy that in order to compete in world of empires, Europe, therefore, ought to become an empire, too. What happened to Marcus Aurelius’s maxim that the best way revenge is not to be like one’s enemy?

And secondly, the bureaucrats all know that the European Union was never found to be an empire for Europeans, but rather as the first step up toward building the Global Open Society, for, indeed, the Brussels bureaucrats have every intention of fusing all of Europe with African and Arab peoples in order to create a global mixed-race empire.

Even Pope Francis was singing to the tune of European genocide when he spoke, to then President Hollande of France, that the aging European peoples were in need of “rejuvenation”, by which the Pope meant nothing other than the gang rape and the genetic displacement of our kind.

The Global Open Society

The idea for this Global Open Society is being spearheaded by Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, standing on the shoulders of his teacher, Karl Popper, the man who declared the entire canon of Western thought since Plato to have been the singular cause of all totalitarian ideologies in the world, and who spent his life working to deconstruct the West and its philosophies by, first and foremost, undermining and perverting Western civilization.

For the word ‘Open Society’ means people themselves shall also be opened up: Their personal beliefs and convictions shall be replaced by state-approved ideology — communist ideology. Moreover, it’s not enough to drive Western peoples’ to extinction through our miscegenation with Africa and Arabia. No, our thoughts, our languages, our cultures, and the very memory of us must also be stricken from history!

This is their goal. The EU bureaucrats supposedly in charge of the protection of the European peoples are the very same people who wish to see our peoples and our cultures extinct.

The Black Flood

Now, as a first step toward realizing this nightmare, Brussels has decided to open Europe’s outer borders to mass immigration. A massive surplus of African people is getting ready to flood Europe. In Nigeria alone, for example, a nation of 200 million, half of the people there are thinking of moving to Europe.

Our present European leaders — or should I say commissars — have no intention of thwarting the black flood. They want to drown us in it. They have no interest in strengthening the Mediterranean Sea as a natural barrier between Europe and Africa. Instead, they are planning to build bridges across it to expedite our displacement. Anyone who does not welcome his people’s genetic displacement is a xenophobe. Anyone who does not dream of a homogenized humanity is a fascist.

In a report from several years ago, EU officials already calculated that Europe’s maximum population capacity lies around 3.3 billion inhabitants. That’s more than five times as many people as the continent’s present population. Such an influx of people will instantly make natives a minority of less than 15 percent or so. And unless we are preparing for war to defend Europe’s borders, which is unlikely since the bureaucrats have deliberately underfunded and systematically neglected our national armies, there seems to be no way to prevent a total blackout.

Our globalist overlords are planning to turn every European city into an overcrowded, overpopulated multicultural hell with skyscrapers everywhere blotting out the Sun. But dare not speak of our impending genocide, for you will be called a racist. Dare not argue to protect your people. Dare not fight back against the theft of your children’s future, for if you do, you will be branded a reactionary or a nativist.

But there we draw the line, for we are reactionaries! This is our land, and we will fight back! We care too much for our peoples to abandon them. We do not believe there is a future for a brown mud-people crawling around places that used to have a civilization — ours.


The media propaganda everywhere is on fire telling our women that having children will make them unhappy — if they are white — but that mixed offspring is desirable for the “new world they are going to build”. A new world without us, a communist utopia inhabited by obedient slaves too stupid to think for themselves.

The deliberate destruction of European humanity is underway, it has been planned and budgeted for, and it is actively being pursued by our biological enemies. They may look like us, but they are not us. Our only chances of survival are to reverse course, to seize back control over our homelands, and to drive out our enemies.

We Europeans, and our colonial friends around the world, we have always preferred living in our own states with our own laws and customs. There is just too much division among ourselves that can never be bridged. We have always embraced our own quarrelsome nature, our desire to be uniquely different from others. In response to the world of empires, we shall formulate a geopolitical answer that fits our nature.

An Empire of Our Own

We shall build an Empire of Ethnostates, not one ethnostate but thousands of safe-havens and boroughs where we can find refuge when the fires around us burn too hot. Such an empire must not have a central authority. It’s an empire without one emperor, but we will each have a shared raison d’être — a reason for each of us to support one another in our shared struggle for survival.

Such a feat is far from impossible. It only took 8,000 Zionists to found the State of Israel, and they succeeded in doing so within twenty years after the first shovel went into the ground in what was effectively a desert without water, surrounded by hostile tribes.

Now, I don’t necessarily support Zion’s existence, but let us do our own math. If it only takes 8,000 pioneers to found an ethnostate from nothing, and if we want to build not one but one-thousand of such states, then, knowing there are at least 800 million or more people of our kind alive today, that means it will only take 1% of us — 1% — to start building. If we would start thinking and planning today, twenty years from, we could have an Empire of a thousand Ethnostates ready by the year 2040.

The Republic

To get back at Soros and Popper, we should start by studying a book by Plato titled The Republic, a literal blueprint for an aggressive ethnostate.

Believe me when I say this scenario is our globalist enemy’s worst nightmare. They wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if there were just one such ethnostate left for our people, and they will be ranting and raving each night at the sight of a few dozen. But we are going to build thousands! It only sounds impossible because we haven’t tried it yet. Building an Empire of Ethnostates will mark our names in the history books as the men who saved their race. Our descendants shall speak our namely softly and with great respect.

If the powers around the world truly believed they could rid the planet of us, that they could play our emotions of guilt and shame over crimes we never committed, that they could dogpile us with their immigrant hordes, thrusting diversity upon our women, sabotaging our children from the earliest ages, then they’re not only wrong, they’re responsible for provoking their own worst nightmare into existence, for we are wide awake, and we shall not rest until victory is ours.

Stronger Than Ever

Those who accuse us of being racists for our refusal to be bred out of existence are the very same people who seek our racial demise. So, let the world know: We shall not be drowned in darkness. We shall fight in the shade, for we are the guardians at the flood of values, and we shall emerge from this twenty-first century stronger than ever before!

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