A Nordic Diet of Meat and Milk

Bread and Pasta for the Masses

Bread is for slaves. Although some people want you to believe milk is racist and meat is fascist, I recommend every healthy lactose-tolerant male to drink milk, eat lots of red meat, and live on a diet of mostly animal nutrients.

Neanderthals evolved in ice-age Europe, the only hominid species to have evolved in such lethally cold environments. To survive there, the Neanderthals adopted a diet of high-protein animal products. They became carnivores — apex predators. The average Neanderthal ate about 4 lbs or 2 kg of fresh meat every day. Because fishing rods hadn’t been invented yet, Neanderthal man had to hunt terrestrial prey, namely deer, cattle, mammoth, rhino, big cats, and so on.

It’s easy to paint a caricature of dietary traditionalists. Just because my paleolithic African ancestors subsisted on berries and nuts doesn’t mean I have to. In fact, they probably never did. The belief ancient humans ate nuts and veggies is a fiction created by the vegan movement. For almost 2.5 million years, our human ancestors in Africa lived off a high-fat, high-protein diet they got mostly from hunting animals. Today, African babies living among the tribes of Tanzania still thrive on animal fat, fat from bone marrow, meat pre-chewed by their parents, and their mother’s breastmilk (also high in fat).

Closer to home, Julius Caesar, upon his visit to the British Isles, observed that the Britons of around 50 BC lived on a diet of mostly milk and meat and that they and their children were healthy and strong. The original Britons, of a similar Celtic stock as their continental cousins, later fused with Germanic invaders. They didn’t eat bread. They didn’t eat cereals.

For many thousands of years, meats, not carbohydrates, have been the main ingredient of any human diet. Our ancestors subsisted on a diet of mostly meat, dairy, and animal fat. The mummy of Ötzi found in the Austrian mountains, for example, had his belly full of animal fat when he died. He had eaten his last meal just two or three hours before his death. Animal fat made up half of the contents in his stomach! (He probably died of an arrow lodged into his shoulder blade.)

Putting this information together, I conclude that people aren’t supposed to eat bread and past. People are actually carnivores, apex predators, who are supposed to wean their children on animal fat, milk, meat, butter, cheese, and yogurt. And practically nothing else. Green leaves are a laxative, not food.

Below are my recommendations:

Don’t Eat / Don’t Drink

  • Bread 

  • Pasta

  • Pizza

  • Potatoes (from Peru; not introduced to Europe since around 1650)

  • Rice

  • Fruit, fruit juices, and fruit smoothies

  • Any sugary drinks, sodas

  • Commercial fast food and “health food”

  • Candy, anything with added sugar

  • Coffee and tea

  • Greens and veggies: lettuce, beans, carrots, reddish, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

  • Berries and nuts (occasionally, to supplement your diet, not as a main component)

Do Eat / Do Drink

  • Water

  • Milk

  • Dairy products (fat milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese, feta cheese, camembert, etc.)

  • Red meat: cow, sheep, deer, bison, buffalo, especially fatty meat

  • Fish and white meat in moderation: salmon (as a delicacy), elk, chicken, turkey

  • Green leaves for shitting in case of constipation (unlikely)

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